You are so long on the scene. How do you see the electro scene today and how was it back in 80-is?
- Of course there is so much more electronic music many different scenes...and of course it has developed and progressed...which is good...but there was something special about the excitement and innovation in the early days...sometimes I miss that in the scene now.

How is the scene in England this days?
- England has a small scene for industrial/gothic is healthy but small compared to say the dance scene...there is some crossover to that and other scenes but it could be a lot more...I think that's a positive way forward with any music.

Any new talents that you can point?
- I probably hear more music from other places than I do from England.

England has strong dance scene. Are in any way involved in projects or have you been in touch with some people from the UK dance music.
- I do enjoy some of the more interesting experimental dance music...actually I have started a side project called "Skink" working on this kind of music.

Are you in contact with some well known artists who built the scene in 80-is, like Front 242, Front Line Assembly, ...?
- Occasionally I am...not those bands for a long time...people like Chris n Cosey, In the Nursery, Legendary pink dots....

On your remix cd The hand that feeds, there are some great older artist remixing your music, like Chris n Cosey or In The Nursery. Are you in good contact with them?

- Yes I have been in touch with them for years..done some shows together etc...

How did you came up with Dance Or Die, Regeneratorm, New Mind, Stromkern to arrange this remix project? You wanted remixes from them or maybe your label wanted them?
- They are all people I knew...I asked bands and dj/remixers that I knew and compiled a lot of tracks over 2 or 3 years...then edited the best ones! I'm pleased with the result...I think it's obvious that a lot of work went into the remix album..

What do you do when you are not producing music?
- I work for 2 and a half days a week teaching music technology at a college in Coventry!! I always am around music.

What do you think about commercial music today and is there any commercial artist that you like from today's charts?
- I don't listen to the charts so it's hard to 6 year old daughter enjoys the chart girl bands!!! I really have no interest. It is a very commercial product now, the charts....

What do you think about soundtrack? Would you be interested in producing a movie soundrack and what kind of a movie?
- Yes I am..I do a lot of ambient music and a lot of it is suitable for fact I've been approached by one or two companies to do this...we shall see!

Do you have your favorite concert or festival you played?
- Some good ones...Projekt festival in Chicago in 96 (our first US show)... Castle party festival in Poland 98...Convergence festival in Seattle 2000...Whitby festival in England 2001... oooh lots of them!

Any plans for this years festivals or solo concerts?
- We have been quiet on the live front so far this year as we concentrate on writing a new album but will start getting out more this autumn on...we do play the Castle party festival in Poland again this summer...

Whats new at Attrition home? Any new material in the near future?
- The new album will be out early in the new year...otherwise our entire back catalogue is being re-issued in europe through SPV Poland during the next months...including a new album of rarities!

You have new designed website. Have you been involved in building up your website?
- The original site was designed for me by a longtime fan in the US...I have started to re-design it now...something useful to learn!...

Do you get more response from fans now through internet, e-mail, than it use to be before all this internet thing?
- Yes a lot!...we are doing well with the internet...I am a great believer in it's power and as a tool to bypass the bland commercial scene...we can now reach people directly and organise tours around the world ourselves...if we have the time!!!...

What do you think about mp3 and distributing music trough Napster and services like that?
- We have a lot of exposure through our page at hundreds of downloads some days and some useful royalties...napster don't pay anyone but i still see a lot of exposure for our music through that...the best way they could go would be like and pay the artists a little for downloads (through advertising etc...)'s all only worries the major companies !

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Interview made in May 2001. by Danijel Levatic for Elektronski Zvuk.
2001. Elektronski Zvuk