As a former member of the most famous electronic band of all times KRAFTWERK, you are still very popular as an artist and musician and your music influenced a lot of today’s electronic bands. How do you feel about that, being on of the most important names in electronic music and being also a pioneer in this scene?
- Concerning my days in Kraftwerk it’s like looking at an old picture. But life goes on and to be here now is the most important thing.

KRAFTWERK will always be a part of your musical history. Why did you left Kraftwerk and started your own project and production of other bands?
- We were working five years on one album in the 80ies and I couldn’t afford it.

Do you still have contact with other Kraftwerk members: Ralf, Florian, Wolfgang? Do you meet with them sometimes and hang out together? I
- I’m in contact with my old friend Wolfgang. We are seeing each other and talk on the phone.

The new album is simple called Electric Music, but it’s very different than the album Esperanto. In the new material you use a lot of guitars. You didn’t use them on Esperanto. Why did you choose to use them now?
- When I was working on „Raise The Pressure“ with Johnny Marr and Bernard Sumner from Electronic I discovered the guitar again. Johnny is one of the coolest guitar players around and I liked his style a lot.

New songs are very pop orientated and they have a lot of love lyrics. Am I right? Why did you change your concept of themes that you have used on Esperanto?
- I don’t feel like I have a message for the world everyday and the lyrics are a reflection what had been happened in my life.

You worked with Emil Schult and Andy McCluskey on the album Esperanto. Why didn’t you worked with them now? You didn’t wanted to or you just wanted to make new concept and new direction with your music?
- I have been working with Andy on his latest record „Universal“. The song was called „The Moon And The Sun“.

Do you have any other project than Electric Music and do you have some plans to start any new projects?
- I produced and co-wrote the new album of the Swedish band The Mobile Homes (SPV).

How was the response from the critics and audience on the first releases of Electric music (album Esperanto and singles) and now on the new material and Call on me single?
- The new record will be released next month. Then I will know more about it.

The first album “Esperanto” was released under the name of ELEKTRIC MUSIC (with K) and the new releases are released under the name of ELECTRIC MUSIC (with C). Why is that? Is this really a change of the name or something else?
- I rather go for the correct English spelling.

How people response when they see you and know that you are Karl Bartos, ex member of famous Kraftwerk? Do they recognize you and what they say?
- I’m anonymous - it’s just the name who breaks the ice.

A lot of your fans are now older people that used to listen Kraftwerk and not some kids and teenagers. Do you have some contacts with your fans?
- Very rarely.

You have worked with bands such as Electronic and now Mobile Homes. Why did you decide to work with them? Did they asked you or you liked their music? Did you collaborated with some other bands also?
- Life is much easier if you like what you are doing - so I avoid to collaborate with somebody I don’ t like.

What kind of music and bands do you like personally?
- That’s my secret.

Germany has a big electro and industrial scene. Are there any bands that you like?
- That’s also my secret.

Kraftwerk was one of the innovators in electronic music. Most of today’s techno bands and DJ mention Kraftwerk as a big influence and one of the most important bands in electronic scene and they say that you have invented techno. What do you think about that and what is your opinion about techno?
- When we came back from touring Japan 1981 we wrote the song called „Techno Pop“ because we were looking for a perfect discription of our music. That’s my opinion about Techno.

When you are not working in the studio, do you have other activities, hobbies?
- Music is my one and only work and hobby at the same time.

What are your future plans with music and your project Electric Music?
- As long as people like to listen to what I am doing I will continue making music.

And now last cliché question. Any massages to your fans?
- I think that music is the universal language anyway - please consider my record as the answer to your question.

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This interview was made in May 1998. by Danijel Levatic. It was published in Varazdinske Vijesti on 10. June 1998.

1999. Elektronski Zvuk