Label interview


Please introduce Get Physical label to our audience.
- The Berlin-based label Get Physical Music is run since summer 2002 by a true collective: six people who have been actively dedicated to electronic music for a long time. DJ/producer duo Patrick Bodmer and Philipp Jung as well as Booka Shade have been working together for more than 10 years and, during this time, released projects on the labels R&S, Harthouse, Touché and Tommy Boy. Thomas Koch aka DJ T., is the founder and publisher (since 1989) of Groove Magazine. In addition, he is co-founder of the Monza Club in Frankfurt/Main and has been moving the German club scene as DJ T.² since the early 90s ­ as a resident of numerous famous clubs in Frankfurt. Get Physical is founded to bundle and canalize the dreams and longings of six people. It is all thought and made in order to make the people dance, smile and have a good time.

Which DJs have been supporting the label since it started?

- Besides the wide national resonance, feedback is especially positive from France, Belgium and the UK. DJs and producers like Ivan Smagghe, Tiga, DJ Hell, Ewan Pearson, Chicken Lips, Trevor Jackson, David Duriez, Tiefschwarz etc. have expressed their respect for the label or been playing tracks of it.

Get Physical is celebrating 2 years of existance but this compilation is the first CD release. Why is that?
- In first instance the music of Get Physical is made for the dancefloor. A certain number of releases and a development of 2 years was necessary to make worth a first overview on CD.

Do you have plans to release CDs in the future also?
- There will be much more artist-albums, dj mix-compilations and label-compilations on CD be released in the future.

Can you describe thy music style of the label and the artists you have on Get Physical?
- It fills a certain space of the cosmos, that is still unfilled between House & Techno, but never leaves the house totally, it has no dogmatic style-definition, it cites and plays with styles, that we all grow up with (like Electro, Italo, Chicago & Disco). Call it Electronic Body House.

Are there any new names that will soon hit the market and are recently signed to Get Physical?
- Lopazz from Heidelberg, Voltique from Stuttgart and Tomas Barfod from Copenhaggen.

What do you expect from the tour that will promote this compilation?

- It is the first possibility for us to get in touch with the audience, that we have build up with our records. It is very important for a label and his artists to be touchable. It will consolidate the label outwards in the perception of the people and inwards in the feeling of solidarity

Where do you see your record label in some 5 to 10 years?

- We don't look in the future this far and we don't have a real
masterplan. Artist-development and album-format is an important thing for the future.



Your opinion on mp3 piracy?
- We don't really care about. It is a mirror-image of the times we live in, old orders and systems break down, we step into the age of chaos.

Has this p2p piracy of music also infected your label and artists?

- No, it has no effect on niche-music like ours.

Best wishes with your tour and the future of Get Physical record label.

- Thanx, we hope to be able to meet Crotian club culture in the future.




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Interview made in May2004. by Danijel Levatic for Elektronski Zvuk.

2004. Elektronski Zvuk