When did you guys started with productions of music?
- IOC started in 1998, but both Sebastian and I, have been producing music at least since 1990.

Who is IOC? Who is responsible for music, samples, lyrics?
- For a wile, I've been in charge of most of the music, samples and lyrics, but now it becomes more and more equal. I'm still writing all the lyrics.

Have you been involved in some other bands before IOC?
- Oh god.. yes.. hehe I've been in a lots of bands, everything from techno to slayer-kind-of-metal. (see homepage for more info, under press-area)

How much influence had Stephan (Apoptygma Berzerk) on your music?
- Hmm.. not much really..hehe I mean, he's a really good friend, we have a good time at the clubs together, get drunk together... and that's about it.

What about other influences?
- EVERYTHING! From 80's pop to 90's metal. From sunny days to rainstorms.. Movies, books, persons.. everything.

What kind of music and authors do you like at this moment?
- I listen to a great deal of pshycadelic trance music..more like Cydonia and Juno Reactor when I'm at home. I prefer more punch when I'm at the clubs though... Feindflug, Das Ich, Flesh Field, but also more synth-pop, like And One and New Order.

Your first release Shallow Nation was a success. Did you expect it?
- No, not at all. It came as a big suprise. I thought the song was ok, but I think it could have been better produced. We do what we think is fun and it's very nice that people response that positively to it.

How did you come up with contract to Tatra?
- Well, that's a tricky question. I think it was our manager that hooked us up with Tatra. We knew that they had done a really good job for APB, so we thought that this was our best option.

IOC has very good success in Germany on DAC charts. What can you say about it.
- It's great!!! What can I say? We're still on the list, we've been there for 7 weeks... I wouldn't dear to even dream of it ,when we released "One Nation Under Beat". I still don't understand it.

Any concerts or tour in preparation?
- The European tour has been scheduled to start in November I believe, then we're gonna tour US and Canada in February.

Your album Serenity is finished. What can you tell about the sound of the album. Is it more like One nation under beat or?
- It's hard to say, it's more intact than before. It's a little heavier, even though it's Icon Of Coil like people knows it.

Has Stephan (APB) been involved in any songs on the Serenity?
- No, he's never been involved in any of our song, I don't know where people get that from, maybe because we have been involved with the making of his album.

Who are the bands that you would love to work with or have concerts with?
- I would love to tour and work with so many bands, like; Eat Static, Leftfield, Juno Reactor and would love to produce a new Nitzerebb song... that would have been awesome.

How do you see electro scene in Norway? Any new talents, bands that you can mention?
- It's growing, but it is still not big. New major talents from Norway must be EnRoute and Echo Image.... they are awesome.

What do you do when you are not creating music?
- Mostly sleeping, I eat when I'm in the studio hehe..

What's next for IOC?
-Time will show, we're currently working with a new single and some remixes. We'll tour as much as we can in Europe and US.

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Interview made in September 2000. by Danijel Levatic for Elektronski Zvuk.

2000. Elektronski Zvuk