What have you been doing since the release of your second album Awakening??

- Well, mostly it was work on the new record, which was a difficult process. We also have done a bunch of European touring since Awakening was released, including our first ever festival appearances. So, it's been a pretty good time, and we've finally managed to finish the new album, and so we're going to take a bit of a rest now.


If you had to explain your style to someone who never heard of Iris, what would you say??

- I don't like using the word "synthpop", and I don't think it's actually even very accurate. So, I'd prefer something like "electronic rock" maybe... or "modern electropop". We do use some real instruments (such as guitars), so it's sort of a blend of different styles. But it's definitely romantic, atmospheric, and has a strong "pop" element to it..

Do you like more remixing or to be remixed?

- I prefer remixing :> I'm working on some remixes at the moment of people like Frank Spinath (Seabound), Danny Hyde (Coil), and Seize.


How different is american electronic scene from european in your opinion?

- They are very different. If by "scene" you mean bands like VNV Nation, Covenant, Apopptygma Berzerk, etc, then this scene doesn't really exist in America. The gothic/darkwave clubs are rather small and there are no major festivals. However, the dance/trance scene is pretty big, and so is the alternative electronica scene (Warp Records bands, crossover indie electronic acts like the Postal Service, M83, etc).

What is the main difference between Awakening and Wrath (in production)?

- Wrath has a bit more guitars, and a bit less of a club edge. Some people seem to think the differences are large, others think they are small. I think that Reagan's voice and songwriting are very distinct, and that's what will always make the band sound like Iris.


Are you satisfied with the support of collage radio in USA? Are you supported by them?

- Not to a large extent. However, we will be promoting "Wrath" in the fall and so we'll see what happens with it...

What was your main influence to do electronic pop music?

- I personally love bands like Underworld, Orbital, lots of IDM acts like u-ziq or Aphex Twin, and also a lot of the "pop crossover" bands such as New Order and Depeche Mode.


Who are your best music friends (bands) in Europe and in USA?

- Hmm... we have lots of friends, really, we try to be nice to everyone :> Idon't want to "name drop" but we have certainly been in touch with a lot of people from other bands. Also at festivals and on tour you always meet lots and lots of musicians... it's always a surprise to see who you meet at shows!

Will you promote Wrath, both in USA and Europe?

- We have done a few shows in the US, but we're trying to put together a larger tour in Europe. Europe is definitely the area we want to focus on, and we also want to get to some new territories soon!.


Keep up the good work and best wishes with your new record.

-Thank you!



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Interview made with Andrew Sega (IRIS) in September 2005. by Danijel Levatic for Elektronski Zvuk.


2005. Elektronski Zvuk