Can you describe The war is over? Why this name for an album?
- I would describe the The War is Over as the point where hard electro and catchy synthpop meet. I picked this name because I feel it refelcts the general mood of the cd. Gary Suarez helped a great deal with his lyrics. They are often very dark.

How was it to work with Tom Shear (A23)?
- Tom was great. I admire his work as a musician. He's really cool also.

How did you get in touch with Tom?
- I know him from going to clubs in Philidelphia PA. We have seen each other play a few times. There are only a few bands in the US, so most of us know each other. I'll probably be asking him to do more production in the future.

Are there any producers or artists that you would love to work with one the next album or future Matrix releases?
- I would love to work with Melotron, I love their programming. At the same time, I think it would be really cool to work with somebody like FunkerVogt. I think FV has a great ear when it comes to writing music.

The sound of this new album is close to future pop? What do you say about this new style? Can you describe Matrix as future pop band?
- I never really liked the word Future Pop. I guess its a good enough names for all the bands that are harder than synthpop, but catchier than electro. Names are just names though. I describe Matrix as electro usually.

What do you think about all this sellections: future pop, electro pop, industrial, idm, ...?
- Its all kind of silly. To me music is music, and labels just tend to confine you to writing only 1 type of music, which can cause an artist to get booring.

Favorite new artists that you like or listen recently?
- I have been listening mostly to Melotron 'Bruder' , and Hocico's latest release. Cesium 137 is really good aswell. I also recomend GASR, their new cd is being produced by Daniel Meyer from Haujobb.

- What changed in your music approach since your debut Dream are real?
- I have been working harder on my vocals as well as my overall production techniques. Tom from A23 gave me lots of good input on things to do when recording. I think these tips influenced the sound of the cd. I also have been listening to lots of latin music, and that has been an influence as well, I mean it has helped me look differently at both rythm and lead lines. I also have been using the Nord Micro Modular, that thing is awesome. So much power in a little box.

What can you say about electro scene in Germany and in USA?
- The scene in the USA is really good. Expecially in NY and PA. There are loads of great clubs, and the bands here are really tight. I liked the scene that I got to see in Europe. I would love to visit Croatia one day.

Did you had great time to play live in Europe?
- Yes. Europe is great. There are lots of great clubs, and everyone is very professional. I plan to play in Germany again soon.

Lot of other bands have side projects. Will there be an side project from your side or there will always be only Matrix?
- There may be side projects in the future. I am always writing, and Matrix is my main outlet for expressing myself. We did a side project a few years back named "Holland Bulb Head", but that is long gone.

What are your plans for 2002?
- I am currently producing a band called 'Tone Generator'. They have a much different sound. Much harder, and Lou from GASR is helping me with the production. I am also working on a new Music video, for "On Angels Wings" which is a new track. I am from NY, and since September 11th, I felt a great creative drive to write more music. I think that will heavily influence my next album.

- Thanx for your time and best wishes with your future work.

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Interview made in February 2002. by Danijel Levatic for Elektronski Zvuk.

2002. Elektronski Zvuk