Rudeboy is the name of your new album that will come out in June. Have you received any feedback from the press?
- Not yet ..cause Ithink because it's not out yet :-) But hope to get possitive feedbacks of course there will be always people who like it and don't like it ..that's with everything like this. But I just wanted ton show to the people that I like more then only 4/4 techno.

Is your new album some kind of fusion between techno and electro or is it pure techno for you?

- Like I said it's like a tale from mself ; from Electro to Techno and also one track more progressive stylish only on the cdr ; and my favorite track is the last one on the CD & the Vinyl : it calls : a tale about me & myself ;it's just chords ...NO kickdrums , no percussion loops and all that typical techno ingredients ..just beauty from a nice synth ! I love that.

It is hard today to describe any special style in this huge and growing electronic scene, but where do you see yourself, your music?
- Yes nowedays many people put dj's or live performances in BOXES: I mean like Hard Techno dj's , minimal dj's, progressive dj's , Electro dj's ..ohh i don't like that ...I love dj's who plays sets from 4 or 5 hours building up from electro to harder techno going down again and up again many dj's comes to play 2 hours schranz ..and after that 2 hours they are out of order ..especially young people are moreinto that .. I hope people getting more open minded again and wanna come to clubs
and parties again to hear more variation then just 1 specific style of music..will be boring and not really creative.

Do you have some plans to do some other kind of styles in the future also, some kind of projects (ambient maybe, ...)?
- Yes for sure ..working on it ./ I'm a big fan from Boards of Canada & Autechre. But it's to early to tell more about this for me....... now first the album Rudeboy, the 3 labels Irun mb elektronics, mb selektions & pornographic and because this keeps me up already more then enough.

On the CD version of Rudeboy there are some bonus tracks that will not be released on vinyl. Why?
- This makes it just so nice i think , it's not a defenition that the same tracks on the cd MUST=? be also on the vinyl. Why ..I don't see a why ; it just makes it a bit more intresting Ithink.

How are things going with your Pornographic Recordings?
- Pornographic I run this label togheter with my best friend since 15 years : Cristian Varela from Spain especially to give new talents a chance . That's why each release is always a Various artist 12". I also have another co. label with Tom Hades called Rhytym convert, distributed by CPL germany! But the main things for me are of course : mb elektronics ; which
will contain in the future more albums from other artists and mb selektions : which will contain not only TECHNO out . distributed by NEWS.


What is the best place and country you ever played?
- One is close = Spain ..but the best is far away : it's 100% sure for me JAPAN ! people are really respectfull ; nice & soundsystems are always been GREAT for me!


Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Still producing and DJ-ing?
- I hope so ..-))) big dream is also to have my own proper clubnights totally from myself, what Sven Vath will have now soon in frankfurt. I think it's amazing a great dream I think for every dj who likes his job...


Best wishes with Rudeboy album and more this kind of records?
- THANKS A LOT ..and respect !!!! I always say ;: even when you don't like somebody hiss skills or music ; TRY TO RESPECT EACHOTHER ! = verry important. Ciao ! : Marco Bailey. - Rude boy ;-)




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Interview made in May 2004. by Danijel Levatic for Elektronski Zvuk.

2004. Elektronski Zvuk