How can you describe Weltfrieden? Why this name for an album?
- "Weltfrieden" is an Utopia, like putting up a city on the sun. But by now the word is more and more often used by people, who want to justify military action in order to "obtain" peace in the world. A rather ridiculous idea. This made us put this word without any comment as the title of the album. Everybody should think about it by himself without us pushing him in any direction. And the responses confirm our idea. They range from "What is that about?" op to "Yeah, exactly!"

How did you get in touch with Synthetic Symphony and why did you choose them as you new label? Was there any other label in the game?
- There were some problems in our work with Bloodline, which made us look out for new labels. We talked to quite a few labels. But at SPV our expectations concerning the work for Melotron were very closely met. It is rather hard today to find a label that willingly transforms your ideas with all its heart and power. With SPV we feel very confident that they will exactly do this.

I know your music since your first releases on Zoth Ommog but have to say that new album is your best album to date. How long did you work on productions?
- We started in January 2001. There are a couple of reasons that working on "Weltfrieden" took us so long. First of all our publisher died tragically, then there were some problems with the distribution and the record label. Finally private problems added up on top. That all took up a lot of time and nerves and delayed the work on the album. But it also gave us the chance to work much more concentrated and intense on each song. There is a lot more passion in "Weltfrieden" than in any of the previous records. Are there any producers or names that you would love to work with in the future?
- We haven't thought about it since the cooperation with Olaf Wollschläger is very good. He manages to really put himself into the songs and get the last bit out of them. By the way, we have been working together for a couple of years now and therefore a friendship has developed which is quite an advantage for the creative and productive process in the studio.

Any plans for a new single after the release of the album? Maybe „Welt du bist so still", „Folge mir ins Licht", „Wohin?", or?
- We have been thinking about it but haven't come up with a decision yet. All the songs you mentioned would be a great new single and there are even more. That's why the decision takes so long and we'll take some time on it.

How was to work with guests from ISC, XPQ-21 and Technoir? They all are bands from your former label Bloodline.
- We like to work with different people and always get some new inspirations. Whether Dennis (In strict confidence), Julia (Technoir) or Jeyenne (XPQ 21) it was always very exciting to see how the characteristics of a song change when someone else is singing and interpreting it its own way. That all these bands are from our former label Bloodline is a coincidence and didn't influence the choice of the voices.

What can you say about electro pop scene in Germany, any new talents or bands that you like?
- Germany has a very big, vital and active Electro Scene. This is what makes it possible to have so many opportunities to play in Germany and live of the music. We are very happy to live here and know that bands in other countries with smaller scenes have much more difficulties.

- What about breaktrough to USA? Any plans to release new album there and maybe record english version for that market?

- We have plans to play some gigs in the US next year. There is a big Melotron community in the US. There are also talks taking place concerning the release of "Weltfrieden" in the States. There hasn't been any reason yet for an English version of Melotron and its records., since in English speaking countries the interest in music with German lyrics is immensely growing. Furthermore there is an English band which has been successful world wide with this kind of music. And we believe that every artist and every band should at least have the goal to be something special and unique.

Some plans for live performance, festivals this year?
- Starting in September we'll go on tour in Europe. We pay attention that all the concerts are on Fridays, Saturdays or holidays. This enables a lot more people and fans to come and see us live, since those are the days were people stay up late and use the nights. It is also a big advantage for us to play on weekends and holidays because we can use the week in order to recover and relax. This helps us to be in much better shape and less powered out than playing on three weeks in a row. Next year we'll also play some festivals and additional concerts all over the world.

Thanx for your time and best wishes with your new album and future work. Alles gute.
- Thank you very much, it was a pleasure. Best regards. Edgar

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Interview made in September 2002. by Danijel Levatic for Elektronski Zvuk.

2002. Elektronski Zvuk