Who are the bands that have inspired you to do electronic music?
- Kraftwerk, DAF, Nitzer Ebb, Tangerine Dream etc.

What do you think about old EBM bands, like: Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Cabaret Voltaire, ...? Is there any EBM band that you like personally?
- Out of this choice, I think Nitzer Ebb were the best of the bunch.

What about Kraftwerk? Did they influenced your work in any way and what is your favorite Kraftwerk release?
- My favourite Kraftwerk records are Computer World, Trans Europe Express, Autobahn and Radio Aktivitat. I don't think they've ever really made a bad record.

What bands do you find interesting at the moment? Electro scene and techno is now a big movement. Are there any bands that you like and you think that they bring something new in this scene? Why?
- I quite like those mentioned above, L.F.O., Underworld, Tresor, Plastikman and a few others - I'm not very clued up on the latest techno / electro artists. I don't listen to techno music a lot of the time, only for certain occasions. NovaMute have some interestingartists.

What do you think about techno in 1991 and now 1998?
- See above.

The first two releases Hydrology and 1+2 are very experimental. Album Bloodline was more stronger. Is your new material now finally what you ever wanted, your main project, something that has been made my one man, You?
- I think it's only natural that one considers one's latest work as the best. If you don't feel you're moving forward with everything you do, then it's pointless carrying on. I like to think I learn from each record and improve each time. I allow my music to evolve naturally by working instinctively, so I never quite know what's coming next.

What was the response from fans and critics about Unsound Methods?
- It was very, very positive although it was perceived by some as quite difficult for radio which wasn't surprising to me.

Would you like Recoil to be included on some soundtrack? For what kind of movies do you think Recoil would fit the best? What kind of movies to you personally like and which are your favorite movies?
- I would certainly listen to serious offers of soundtrack work although I am quite choosy so it would have to be something particularly interesting. Also, because film companies are notoriously unreliable, I would only produce a piece of music which I felt stood up on itąs own merits in case the commission fell through. I couldnąt stand the idea of wasting a year in the studio and coming away with nothing. I particularly like the work of David Lynch (although I wasn't too impressed with 'Lost Highway'), Stanley Kubrick, Copolla, Coen Brothers amongst many others. I also like English director Mike Leigh and Woody Allen.

The new Recoil album Unsound methods is very dark orientated and deep album. In what direction do you think you will go with future Recoil releases?
- See answer above.

You have collaborated with great vocalists for your releases Bloodline and now Unsound Methods. Who do you like the most?
- I like them all for different reasons. I choose so many different people because I want a lot of variety.

How come that you have collaborated with Moby on the track Curse? Do you like to work with Toni Halliday (CURVE) and have you some plans to work with her in the future?
- Moby was suggested to me by Daniel Miller. At the time, I didn't realise he was a vocalist at all. Toni Halliday is a very good friend of mine and maybe one day we will do something else together but there are no plans at the moment.

Do you have special collaboration with Douglas McCarthy and are you a good friend with him?
- Yes, he was formerly one half of Nitzer Ebb and we became good friends after they supported DM on the MFTM and Violator tours.

You have produced Nitzer Ebb album Ebbhead. I think this is the best album they have ever made and I also like Belief a lot. What do you think of older Nitzer Ebb albums and new one?
- I thought 'Belief' was really different at the time and the following album was really a companion to it. My opinion of 'Big Hit' is a bit clouded by the knowledge of some of the problems the Ebb encountered trying to complete it. I know it took them an unreasonable amount of time to finish and by the end of the experience, they were virtually over as a group. Having said that, it's not a bad album but perhaps a bit patchy.

Did you have some request from other bands to produce them?
- I get many requests but I'm afraid that unless something really special comes along, I'm not really in the market for any remixes or production jobs. I like to devote all my time and energy to whatever project I'm involved in which means I am unable to concentrate on more than one thing at a time. At this point in my career, Recoil is my main priority.

Anton Corbijn has helped Depeche Mode a lot in a image (photos & videos). What do you think about that? How was the work with Anton and what is your favorite DM video that was done by Anton?
- Anton's contribution to DM over the years has been very important giving a unique direction and focus to what had previously been a mish-mash of image styles. His strength is his photography. My favourite Anton videos include 'Walking In My Shoes', 'Never Let Me Down', 'In Your Room' and 'I Feel You'.

Some underground electro bands and also The Chemical Brothers used some samples from Recoil trax. What do you think about this Recoil sampling?
- It's still a grey area. If someone uses something of mine and uses it cleverly and creatively, then I'm flattered and don't really mind. However, if they take a huge chunk, reproduce it identically and then call it theirs, that's a different matter. If you use something as a source sound which you then manipulate into something essentially new, to me that's perfectly acceptable and creative. However, I'm not going to actively encourage sampling of Recoil sounds and I'm certainly wouldn't make all my source sounds available. I fear that if I endorse Recoil sampling, the likelihood is that there will be those who consider it licence to abuse my good nature. I wouldn't be happy to hear large chunks of Recoil music on other peoples' records.

I have heard that you are now involved again with Depeche Mode for the new release Singles 86-98 as you are responsible for the most of the production on the Depeche Mode older albums? How is it to be working with them again?
- I'm not directly working with DM again but I do have to be consulted about artwork, label copy, marketing, promotion etc.

On the Devotional tour I was fascinated with your drum playing? Have you enjoyed playing drums and was is hard to practice for the older songs?
- It was quite hard work but I enjoy a challenge.

Do you have your favorite Depeche Mode song or songs?
- My favourite LP is Songs of Faith and Devotioną with Walking in my shoes and In your room being my favourite songs from it. Violator is also good but now sounds too precise and polite. I also like Never let me down again, Clean, Stripped and some others.

Which are your favorite Depeche Mode remixes done by other bands or artists and how do you like remixes of Recoil trax (Panasonic, Barry Adamson)? Which is your favorite DM remix that you have done?
- My favourite remixes are the Eno mixes of I feel you and Johnny Dollar's remix of Walking in my shoes. As for Recoil mixes, I especially like L.F.O's 'Faith Healer' mix and I'm quite pleased with my own. I like my Jazz remix of 'Death's Door'

Are you still in good contact with the rest od Depeche Mode members?
- I continue to have a good friendship with Dave (even though I haven't seen him for a while) and I recently saw Martin at the Mute Xmas party and we talked at length. As I still have some involvement with Depeche Mode and will continue to do so in the future, it is important that we all remain on good terms.

What do you think about the 101 concert in Pasadena (Los Angeles) and did you like Violator and Devotional tour?
- The Rosebowl show was definately a high-point in my career. As with all tours, there are elements that are very enjoyable like visiting different parts of the world and the obvious back-stage parties etc. However, I could do without the actual travelling (I don't like flying) and being constantly on the move throws up various stresses and strains.

You work on the new Recoil album. When can we expect this to be released? Any more details on new material or some special collaborations on this new album?
- I have just invested in a new system to allow me to complete an album at the 'Thin Line' rather than having to move my entire set-up to another studio in order to mix. This means I am still in a learning stage but things are coming along. There definitely won't be a release until next year. I don't know about collaborators yet.

You are a big football fan. What do you think about Croatia team on World Cup (France 98)? Did you watched our games?
- Tough and efficient even though they don't have a mass of flair players. I like Suker. They remind me of England in many ways - difficult to beat but I don't think they'll go much further in the competition.

What do you think about new big Rollong Stones world tour? Is this not boring?
- I lost interest in the Rolling Stones around 1972 / 73.

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This interview was made in July 1998. by Danijel Levatic. It was published in Varazdinske Vijesti on 15. July 1998.

1999. Elektronski Zvuk