You started to record new album in 2005. Why it took so long to finish it?

- Lots of things, adding it up. The main thing though was the issues we had trying to synchronize the releases on three different labels, each of
them covering their own part of the market. Also, the production of the album itself took a longer time than usual since we recorded the album all over Europe with different people and not to mention all the live gigs and tours we did in between.


Arctic noise is at the moment at no2 on DAC charts. It's a great result. How do you feel about it?

- Yeah it's been at number two in the last few weeks and it feels great to get that kind of recognition from the DJ.s and scene people.
The German market is important and there are lots of bands out there so it's not always that easy to get noticed, even though maybe more
well known now than before.


You released Shattered silence as digital release and only on Art Of Fact? Why is that? Do you plan to release singles or EP's in the future as digital releases also?

- Personally we think that digital releases aren't that hot but it's evidently something that other people want and that market will most probably continue to grow, just like at what Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails have been doing lately. We will still release CD's and, who knows, maybe eventually we'll go back to vinyl.


Do you plan to record new video for one song from new album Arctic noise?

- Yes we do. We haven't decided which one but it will be on your local Youtube later this year.


Was the production and recording process of new album been different from your previous releases?

- Yes, a bit different since we used other producers, for example Oscar Holter from Necro Facility. Also, as you noticed, quite some time has passed since our previous album so naturally we've progressed in music writing and production skills




Do you use more hardware or software in your production?

- More and more software. When we produced our first demos we used no software synths at all and now, 10 years later, it's like 50%
software. But we still use a lot of hardware such as synthesizers and external effects.



How much have you evolved with your production skills since your first releases?

- A lot. We're quite sure it's noticeable, too. If you dig up the first demos from your file shares and compare it you'll notice for sure.


What's your inspiration to write music and lyrics? Do you work your ideas in your hear all the time or only when you are in the studio in the recording proces?

- Music, books, movies and culture in general. We're big consumers of both contemporary and classic culture. We work on them all the time. Even on vacation using our laptops in,for example, the Stockholm archipelago.


How are you satisfied with your new north american label Art Of Fact Records?

- This is the first CD release for us on this label and so far, so good!


Is electro/industrial scene strong this days in Sweden?

- It goes up and down. Sweden has always had a strong scene for EBM/industrial and synthie pop so even when it might feel like it's smaller than usual, it's better than most other countries. We have several festivals, both in- and outdoors, and most larger cities have weekly or monthly clubs.



Are you in touch with bands from the Sweden and with who?

- Yes. Mostly Stockholm bands such as Dupont, Menticide, 8KHz Mono, Z-Prochek, Necro Facility, Maskinljud and System but also bands from
other cities such as Covenant, Project-X, Interlace and Spetsnaz.


Where do you get better response from the fans, from Europe or USA?

- Hard to say, it's about the same but we're probably more well-known here in Europe since we do more gigs here.


The cover for new releases are very interesting. Can you explain more about the ideas for that?

- We had kind of the same ideas that we have for our music; layered elements that are filtered and distorted in order to create something darkly dense, multi-dimensional and different.


What is next for Run Level Zero in 2008? Live, new
EP, ...?

- Live gigs and hopefully another tour!



Best wishes and hope we will not have to wait another 3 years for new album :-)

- Thank you - we hope that the next album will be released sooner.


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Interview made with Hans Akerman & Ville Hising in February 2008. by Danijel Levatic for Elektronski Zvuk.

2008. Elektronski Zvuk