Was the production on Schadling more intense than on the other albums, or is it always the same for you?

- Always the same (intense) procedure - a good one.



Your albums are always released arround march or april. This become a best time of the year to release new :W:, or?

- Yes, because of the fact that creating :W: is easiest with COLD weather outside, and this starts in September, annually.



Do you have some music as influence when you work in the studio, or just do your own thing?

- I don't think about :W: - of course, there were some influences in the very early past, but meanwhile, I simply sit down and create new :W:s.


I read somewhere that you don't follow or visit any forums, read reviews etc. Why not? It's good to get feedback on your music from people who are not your die hard fans, don't you tkink?

- The FANS always get very high attention (in fact, nearly everyone knows about the possibility to reach me/ask me in person about anything by email), but not the critics. Who are they to judge...



Some fans wish that :W: goes back on the sound from Music For A Slaughtering Tribe, Bunkertor 7 era. What's your opinion on that subject?

- As I told you before: I don't think about :W:, so I don't know what is to come. About Schädling: it sounds a little bit like MFAST, if you ask me.


It's 15 years this year since the release of Music For A Slaughtering Tribe. Any plans for 2008. and some kind of special re-release?

- To react to the current market situation, many albums come as 2CD set at a very attractive price. Have a look at www.wumpscut.com, there you can find all concerned.


You have a very strong bound with your fans. How much they inspire you in any way or another?

- I get a vast feedback from them and answer each inquiry/question in person - not many acts are doing this, and therefore, :W: is very special for many fans out there.

Is your fanbase growing?

- Be sure, the limit is reached, and this does not refer to :W: but to the whole scene. Well, 324.029.483 fans still are easy to handle. Ha...



Any plans to do official video for :W: song and include it in your box?

- No.


Will there be some new signings on your MUF label?

- No.


How demanding is to run your ownl records label(s) and to make music also?

- :W: takes all of my working time, and therefore, I'm unable to create something else/in addition.

Do you work alone for Beton Kopf Media and MUF, or you have some helping hands?

- Of course I get help when a completely new :W: is on the rise.


On your myspace page you have only girls (fans) as your top 40 friends. Can we know why?

- A matter of personal taste and a sign: who else should be on Top 40...

Did you had some kind of incluence on Oliver Haecker's work or you just let designers to work as they wish?

- HIS decision.


What is the strongest song on the new album Schadling, or do you look at the album as a concept?

- For most, Rusty Nails From Hell, Schäbiger Lump and Rifki will be the highlights. No concept album, this time.


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Interview made with Rudy R. in February 2008. by Danijel Levatic for Elektronski Zvuk.

2008. Elektronski Zvuk