playlist 7.01.2009.

AND ONE - Paddy is my DJ (Out Of Line)

APOPTYGMA BERZERK - Apollo (live on your tv) (radio version) (GUN Rec.)

CAMOUFLAGE - Love is a shield (Vision Music) (Synthetic Symphony)

CAMOUFLAGE - The great commandment (live) (Vision Music) (Synthetic Symphony)

IAMX – President (live) (Vision Music)

IAMX – Spit it out (live) (Vision Music)

COMBICHRIST – F***k that shit (out Of Line)

COMBICHRIST – This is my rifle (out Of Line)

KLANGSTABIL - Math & Emotion (The square root of three) (Synthetic Symphony)

DISKOTEK - Don't know your name (remix) (Synthetic Symphony)

CODE MACHINE - I'm Your Mind (short version) (Electro Arc)

HOMICIDE DIVISION - Dust To Dust (remix) (Electro Arc)

FRONTRUNNER - The Forke and the Wretch (

PSYBORG CORP. - Interdimensional Hyperdrive (

AD:KEY - Modern angel (Electric Tremor)

AD:KEY - Shout (Electric Tremor)

JACQUES C – Center of the heart (Funk Noir)

JACQUES C – Thank you for the music (Funk Noir)

FADERHEAD - Dirtygrrrls dirtybois (Nintendo 64 Remix) (L-Tracks)

HIGH WYCOMBE – Cube (Wycombe Music)

HIGH WYCOMBE – Culture (Wycombe Music)

PETER HEPPNER – Das geht vorbei (Warner)

REDEYETHEATRE - Chasing dreams (



playlist 14.01.2009.

PROJECT PITCHFORK - Feel (Candyland Entertainment)

COMBICHRIST – Blut royale (Out Of Line)

COMBICHRIST – This shit will fcuk you up (Out Of Line)

COMBICHRIST – Sex drogen und industrial (lowtech mix) (Out Of Line)

CAMOUFLAGE - Close (live) (Synthetic Symphony)

CAMOUFLAGE - I can’t feel you (live) (Synthetic Symphony)

IAMX – The alternative (live) (Vision Music)

IAMX – Kiss and swallow (live) (Vision Music)

AND ONE - Timekiller (live in Hamburg) (Out Of Line)

JACQUES C – Don’t talk, just kiss (Funk Noir)

JACQUES C – Troubled (club remix) (Funk Noir)

WASTE 2.0 - Heartbeat (demo)

DIGITAL FACTOR - Dopamin (Lykotyk records)

DIGITAL FACTOR - Dance to my beat (Lykotyk records)

MIND.AREA - Thenceforward (demo)

KOMMANDO XY - Genesis does (What Nintendont) (Electric Tremor)

KOMMANDO XY - Parkfesten (Electric Tremor)

HIGH WYCOMBE – Room101 (reconstructed by Flaque) (Wycombe Music)

AD:KEY - Kuess mich (Electric Tremor)

FLATLINE – The warning (free download)

FLATLINE – Enjoy the noise (free download)

HUMANOIDES - Disease (Phantasma 13)

LASTRAX - What do you want (club mix) (Phantasma 13)

WARFORGE – Tormen (Electro Arc)

ULTRAJOVE - Allo la terre (Electro Arc)



playlist 21.01.2009.

DAS SHADOW - Navigate the menus (Das Shadow)

DAVE GAHAN - Love Will Leave (Das Shadow's Rewerk) (Mute)

COMBICHRIST - Today we are all demons (beneath the world mix) (Lakeshore)

AFI - Miss murder (VNV Nation remix) (Lakeshore)

DIE KRUPPS – Wahre arbeit wahrer lohn (KMFDM remix) (Synthetic Symphony)

DIE KRUPPS – Volle kraft voraus (Spetsnaz remix) (Synthetic Symphony)

PROJECT PITCHFORK - Feel (Candyland Entertainment)

FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Plasticity (Infacted)

MARKS THE PEDWALK- Abattoir (extended mix) (Infacted)

PANKOW - Sickness takinover (razormaid remix) (Infacted)

CAMOUFLAGE - We are lovers (live) (Synthetic Symphony)

CAMOUFLAGE - Motif sky (live) (Synthetic Symphony)

DIGITAL FACTOR - Face to face (Lykotyk records)

DIGITAL FACTOR - Don't wait (Lykotyk records)

LEAETHER STRIP - Don't you dare die on me (Alfa Matrix)

LEAETHER STRIP - Deliver me (Alfa Matrix)

PSYCHONAUT - Free fall (demo)

PSYCHONAUT - Walking (demo)

AD:KEY - Frost engel (Electric Tremor)

SOMETHING INFECTED - A sense of hate (demo)


HIGH WYCOMBE - Bokor (Wycombe Music)



playlist 28.01.2009.

COMBICHRIST - Sent to destroy (Out Of Line)

IAMX – Spit it out (Gary Numan Remix) (Genepool records)

IAMX – President (Andrew Friendly Mix) (Genepool records)

MENTALLO AND THE FIXER – Sacrilege (angel of death mix) (Infacted)

ARMAGEDDON DILDOS - Never mind (radio edit) (Infacted)

KREIGN - Face melt (Glowroom)

PREMEDITATED LIGHT – Antennae mosque (Glowroom)

PREMEDITATED LIGHT – ArcFurnace (Glowroom)

HARDWIRE - The ultimate price (Glowroom)

HARDWIRE - Snuff machine (Die Krupps rmx) (Glowroom)

EMPTY - Never get to you (Aphotic Audio)

EMPTY - King of kings (Aphotic Audio)

KOBOLD – Blowback (Untermenschen) (Art Of Fact)

SYNESTHESIA - Voice of Istanbul (demo)

PSYCHONAUT - Magic (demo)

PSYCHONAUT - Live (demo)

CAMOUFLAGE - The pleasure remains (live) (Synthetic Symphony)

CAMOUFLAGE - We are lovers (Dos Buratinos Remix) (free download)

DIE KRUPPS – Das ende der traeume (Funker Vogt remix) (free download)

DIE KRUPPS – Goldfinger (Leaether Strip remix) (Synthetic Symphony)

THE HORRORIST - Born this way (free download)

ANTILLES – A different place (Major)

ANTILLES – You & me (Major)