playlist 13.01.2010.

NITZER EBB – Promises (Major)

NITZER EBB – Hearts and minds (Mute)

X MARKS THE PEDWALK – Seventeen (Infacted)

INTERFACE - Never aay farewell (Metropolis)

ASSEMBLAGE 23 - Impermanence (Flight AC-112 mix) (Metropolis)

SYSTEM SYN - Blood (2009 edit) (Metropolis)

HYPEFACTOR - The Sweetest Soul (Rex rmx) (Metropolis)

KMFDM – Bait and switch (all 4 one mix by Combichrist) (Kmfdm Records)

KMFDM – Davai (bloody fog mix by Assemblage 23) (Kmfdm Records)

KMFDM – Never say never (Candy Apple mix by Dave Rave Ogilvie) (Kmfdm Records)

LITTLE BOOTS – Earthquake (679 Recordings)

LITTLE BOOTS – New in town (679 Recordings)

LITTLE BOOTS – Remedy (679 Recordings)

PULCHER FEMINA – Light deprivation (Decadence)

PULCHER FEMINA - Last time (Decadence)

COLLIDE - I feel you (Noiseplus)

COLLIDE - Space oddity (Noiseplus)

X-TRACT - Arc (electric) (CD-R)

X-TRACT - Werk macht kraut (CD-R)

VELVET ACID CHRIST - Caustic disco (Mindless Faith remix) (Dependent/Metropolis)

VELVET ACID CHRIST - Caustic disco (Kalte Farben remix) (Dependent/Metropolis)

LEAETHER STRIP - It's who I am EP (Nordarrr remix) (Alfa Matrix free download)

PAIN MACHINERY – Total recall (extended mix) (Advoxya)

PAIN MACHINERY – Bloody retreat (Advoxya)



playlist 20.01.2010.

NITZER EBB – Never known (Major)

NITZER EBB – Once you say ft. Martin L. Gore (Major)

NITZER EBB – Down on your knees (Major)

NITZER EBB – Kiss kiss bang bang (Major)

NITZER EBB – I don't know you (Major)


NITZER EBB – Let your body learn (Mute)

NITZER EBB – Control I'm here (Mute)

NITZER EBB – Captivate (Mute)

NITZER EBB – Lightning man (Mute)

NITZER EBB – Getting closer (Mute)

NITZER EBB – Godhead (Mute)

NITZER EBB – I give to you (Mute)

CRYO – Hit me one (Progess Productions)

CRYO – I tune in (Progess Productions)

KMFDM – Strut (disco balls mix) (Kmfdm Records)

COLLIDE - Nights in white satin (Noiseplus Music)

v01d - Shake the sleep (Art Of Fact)

v01d - You won't feel a thing (Art Of Fact)

X-TRACT - Don't panic (CD-R)



playlist 27.01.2010.

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE - My despair (Clubmix) (Minuswelt)

X MARKS THE PEDWALK - Seventeen (Infacted)

SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS - Rise and fall (Out Of Line)

NITZER EBB – Once you say (Komor Kommando mix) (Alfa Matrix)

NITZER EBB – Once you say (Leaether Strip mix) (Alfa Matrix)

DEATHLINE INT- Breaking (Metropolis)

BACKANDTOTHELEFT - Maybe today (Metropolis)

KMFDM – People of the lie (crooked illusion mix) (Kmfdm Records)

KMFDM – Never say never (confessional mix) (Kmfdm Records)

MENTALLO & THE FIXER - Legion of lepers (re-edit) (Alfa Matrix)

AMGOD - On the hunt (short mix) (Alfa Matrix)

LEAETHER STRIP - Evil speaks (2010) (Alfa Matrix)

POUPPEE FABRIKK - Symptom (hard cut mix) (Alfa Matrix)

NTRSN – Black hole (Sigsaly Transmissions)

NTRSN – Bodychange (Sigsaly Transmissions)

T.O.T.T. – Out of this flesh (demo)

T.O.T.T. – Walk the line v51 (demo)

PULCHER FEMINA – Out of control (Decadence)

PULCHER FEMINA – Tragic heroes (Decadence)

IONIC VISION - Bitter isolation (enhanced by Komputer) (Machineries Of Joy)

IONIC VISION - Sleep (arp remix) (Machineries Of Joy)

v01d - Gods look down (Art Of Fact)

v01d - This moment is over (Art Of Fact)