playlist 5.1.2011.

TITANS - All there is (Progress Productions)

TITANS - All there is (Biomekkanik remix) (Progress Productions)

SYSTEM - True loyalty (Progress Productions)

SYSTEM - The beginning of the end (Progress Productions)

HURTS - Stay (Temper Trap remix) (Sony)

HURTS - Sunday (Sony)

COVENANT - Lightbringer (Synthetic Symphony)

COVENANT - The road (Synthetic Symphony)

COMBICHRIST - Never surrender (Out Of Line)

COMBICHRIST - Fuckmachine (Out Of Line)

KMFDM - Light 2010 (Dilated Mix) (Kmfdm Rec.)

DEPECHE MODE - A question of time (live) (Mute)

DEPECHE MODE - Precious (live) (Mute)

ALPHAVILLE - Gravitation breakdown (Universal)

ALPHAVILLE - Carry your flag (Universal)

CLIENT - Make me believe in you (Out Of Line)

FLESH FIELD - Haven (Dependent/Metropolis)

TENEK - Field of view (Toffeetones)

TENEK - Visions (Toffeetones)

NEUROPA - Save us (A Different Drum)

NEUROPA - Nothing like you (A Different Drum)

CONCISE - Hypnotize (Wycombe)

CONCISE - Mosquito (Wycombe)



playlist 12.1.2011.

DE/VISION - Easy to love me (free download)

DIARY OF DREAMS - Echo in me (Accession)

COMBICHRIST - Never surrender (Out Of Line)

COMBICHRIST - They (Out Of Line)

MORTIIS - Smell the witch (Earache)

COVENANT - Judge of my domain (Synthetic Symphony)

COVENANT - Dynamo clock (Synthetic Symphony)

PARRALOX - I sing the body electric (Conzoom)

PARRALOX - Supermagic (Conzoom)

TITANS - All there is (SolarOrbit Mix By Deadcibel) (Progress Productions)

DUPONT - Dope of love (daniel myer remix) (Progress Productions)

DUPONT - Sannonbal (Progress Productions)

CRYSTAL CASTLES - Not in love (ft. Robert Smith) (Fiction)

DECENCE - Genesis (next world piano mix)

SYSTEM - In your heart (Progress Productions)

SYSTEM - Supremacy (Progress Productions)

WYNARDTAGE - A flicker of hope (E-noxe)

WYNARDTAGE - Blindfold (feat. Mel) (E-noxe)

FLESH FIELD - Let fall the sentinels (demo)

FLESH FIELD - A new enlightenment (demo)

ALPHA POINT - High like the angels (Darkerradio)

MEZZAMO - I turn my back on you (Darkerradio)

REACTOR7X - Burn in (Darkerradio)



playlist 19.1.2011.

COMBICHRIST - Through these eyes of pain (Out Of Line)

COMBICHRIST - Just like me (Out Of Line)

COVENANT - The beauty and the grace (Synthetic Symphony)

COVENANT - Wir sind die nacht (Oscar Holter remix) (Synthetic Symphony)

DE/VISION - Rage (Popgefahr)

DE/VISION - Time to be alive (Popgefahr)

VOMITO NEGRO - Burning man (Out Of Line)

VOMITO NEGRO - Blood, sweat and tears (Out Of Line)

SIGNAL AOUT 42 - Vae victis (Out Of Line)

SIGNAL AOUT 42 - Time is coming (Out Of Line)

A SPLIT SECOND - Flesh (Antler)

A SPLIT SECOND - Mambo witch (Antler)

SUICIDE COMMANDO - God is in the rain (Out Of Line)

SUICIDE COMMANDO - Come down with me (Out Of Line)

TRENT REZNOR AND ATTICUS ROSS - In motion (The Null Corporation)

TRENT REZNOR AND ATTICUS ROSS - Painted sun in abstract (The Null Corporation)

ALICE IN VIDEOLAND - Little bird (Art Of Fact)

ALICE IN VIDEOLAND - Something new (Art Of Fact)

ALICE IN VIDEOLAND - Buffalo stance (Art Of Fact)

SYSTEM - Adapt and overcome (Progress Productions)

SYSTEM - For you (Progress Productions)

WYNARDTAGE - Departure (E-noxe)

WYNARDTAGE - We can carry a lot (E-noxe)



playlist 26.1.2011.

COVENANT - Lightbringer (Synthetic Symphony)

COVENANT - Beat the noise (Synthetic Symphony)

DE/VISION - Mandroids (Popgefahr)

DE/VISION - Twisted story (Popgefahr)

VOMITO NEGRO - United fake (Out Of Line)

SIGNAL AOUT 42 - You find me (Out Of Line)

A SPLIT SECOND - Burn out (Antler)

A SPLIT SECOND - On command (Antler)

SUICIDE COMMANDO - Until we die (Out Of Line)

SUICIDE COMMANDO - Severed head (Out Of Line)

DER PRAGER HANDGRIFF - Flucht (Gothic Arts)

LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA - Sleepwalk (The Awakening) (Accession)

ARMAGEDDON DILDOS - Never mind (radio-video mix) (Infacted)

ALICE IN VIDEOLAND - Spaceship (Art Of Fact)

ALICE IN VIDEOLAND - Take me with you (Art Of Fact)

SYSTEM - Inheritance (Progress Productions)

SYSTEM - Pitch black (Progress Productions)

ESCALATOR - Bad constellation (EK Product)

ESCALATOR - Biological countdown (EK Product)

ELIAS MATT & THE RESCUE MISSION - Things you shouldn't think about (Wannsee)


INDIVIDUAL INDUSTRY - Damm springs dreams (Wave)

PLASTIC OPERATOR - Singing all the time (The San Fernando sound remix) (Fine Day)

VIRTUAL CONFORMITY - Metamorphic Rocks - Part One (free download) (Electric Heresy)