playlist 4.1.2012.

COMPACT SPACE - Who says it's real? (Ferryhouse)
COMPACT SPACE - My other life (Ferryhouse)
SINESTAR - I am the rain (Sinestar)
SINESTAR - Hurricane (Sinestar)
TENEK – Elusive (radio edit) (Toffeetones)
TENEK – The art of evasion (radio edit) (Toffeetones)
DEPECHE MODE - Behind the wheel (Vince Clarke extended vocal) (Mute)
TORUL – Try (Infacted)
TORUL - Show me your city (Infacted)
LIGHTS – Siberia (Last gang)
LIGHTS - Toes (Last gang)
INJE – Šah-mat (
INJE - Kolonizacija (
FORETASTE – Alone with people arround (Boredom)
FORETASTE – The end of days (Boredom)
NACHTMAHR – Can you feel the beat (Trisol)
NACHTMAHR – Rise and fall (Trisol)
VOID.INJECT - Life transfusion (demo)
SUICIDAL ROMANCE - Whisper goodbye (Infacted)
SURGYN - Aesthetics (Trashed by Elliott Berlin) (Deathwatch Asia)
XP8 - Muv your dolly (Tamtraum remix) (Deathwatch Asia)
ANTHONY ROTHER - Wave odyssey (Fax)


playlist 11.1.2012.

THE NEW DIVISION - Opium (The new division)
THE NEW DIVISION - Shallow play (The new division)
SINESTAR - I am the rain (Sinestar)
SINESTAR - Lived for (Sinestar)
COMPACT SPACE – Who says it's real? (Black Swan mix) (Ferryhouse Prod.)
DEPECHE MODE - Behind the wheel (Mark Picchiotti Re-Edited Vince Clarke Radio Mix) (Mute)
DEPECHE MODE - It's' no good (Naweed Mix) (MUte)
TORUL – Disintegration (Infacted)
TORUL – On the floor (Infacted)
T42 - Let me go (A Different Drum)
T42 - Follow you (A Different Drum)
IONNOKX - All Is well (
IONNOKX - Lies for senses (
NACHTMAHR – Can you feel the beat (Grendel remix) (Trisol)
NACHTMAHR – Massiv (Trisol)
ARMAGEDDON DILDOS - Out of control (EAR)
OBJECT - Humiliating procedures (EAR)
IC 434 - Black boy's dead (Infacted)
IC 434 - Skullwatch (Infacted)
SHIV-R - Dead eyes (Freakangel remix) (Deathwatch Asia)
DIE SEKTOR - Nightmare (On Dubstreet mix by Skott Deadman) (Deathwatch Asia)


playlist 18.1.2012.

SPACE MARCH – American girl (Space March)
SPACE MARCH – Space cowboy (Space March)
THE NEW DIVISION - True lies (The new division)
THE NEW DIVISION - Saturday night (The new division)
SINESTAR - I am the rain (Sinestar)
AND ONE – Back home (club mix) (Synthetic Symphony)
AND ONE - Wounds (Synthetic Symphony)
BLACKTZAR - How Does it Feel (Pulser Remix) (Blacktzar)
PLASTIC OPERATOR - Making it right (album mix) (Fine Day)
JANOSCH MOLDAU - In another world (Janosch Moldau)
COMPACT SPACE – Who says it's real? (Ferryhouse Prod.)
TORUL – If you so wish 2011 (Infacted)
TORUL - False attempts (Infacted)
BIOSPHERE – Blue Monday (Mojo Mag.)
ZOMBIE ZOMBIE – The beach (Mojo Mag.)
NACHTMAHR – Maedchen in uniform (Trisol)
NACHTMAHR – Tanzdiktator (Trisol)
IONNOKX - Modified approach (
IONNOKX - Transparent collision (
ORANGE SECTOR – Noise (Head mix) (EAR)
DIGITAL FACTOR – Electric body (EAR)
BRAIN LEISURE – Self reality (EAR)

playlist 25.1.2012.

MIND.IN.A.BOX – Cause and effect (Dreamweb Music)
MIND.IN.A.BOX – Doubt (Dreamweb Music)
EDGE OF DAWN - Red bank (Dependent)
DISMANTLED - Disease (VF remix) (Dependent)
THE NEW DIVISION – Devotion (The new division)
THE NEW DIVISION – Starfield (The new division)
EISBRECHER – Verückt (Combichrist remix) (Four Music)
WUMPSCUT – Grobian (Nigen remix) (Beton Kopf Media)
APOLLO 440 - The future’s what it used to be (Stealth Sonic Recordings)
APOLLO 440 - A deeper dub (Stealth Sonic Recordings)
SPACE MARCH – Monumental (Space March)
SPACE MARCH – Do you remember my name (Space March)
PEOPLE THEATRE – Nox quieta (fallen stars oddyssey) v2 (People Theatre)
TORUL – Just to stay alive 2011 version (Infacted)
TORUL - Waterproof theme 2011 version (Infacted)
NACHTMAHR – Maedchen in uniform (Faderhead remix) (Trisol)
THE ARCH - Donor (Echozone)
THE ARCH - Only she (Echozone)
STARLANE - No saint (Starlane)
PARANOID ANDROID - Not afraid (Black IP Studio)
THE VIOLEN[T] VOICATION[S] - The Dead skin (unreleased) (Black IP Studio)
SKRILLEX – Breakn' a sweat (original mix) (Big Beat)