playlist 1.2.2012.

MIND.IN.A.BOX – Cause and effect (Dreamweb Music)
MIND.IN.A.BOX – Doubt (Dreamweb Music)
APOLLO 440 - Motorbootee (Stealth Sonic Recordings)
APOLLO 440 - Traumarama (Stealth Sonic Recordings)
THE NEW DIVISION – Opium (The new division)
THE NEW DIVISION – Special (The new division)
SAINT ETIENNE – Tonight (Heavenly)
AND ONE – Back home (club mix) (Synthetic Symphony)
DISTAIN – Monokultur (Short Remix) (Echozone)
MOTOR – Man made machine ft. Martin Gore. (radio version) (CLR X)
SPACE MARCH – Eye for an eye ft. Electra City (Space March)
SPACE MARCH – Get what you deserve (Space March)
AUSTRA - Lose it (Domino)
AUSTRA - The beat and the pulse (Domino)
THE PRESSURE CELL - Through these lights (Echozone)
THE PRESSURE CELL - The worst has won (Echozone)
STARLANE - Free yourself of gods (Starlane)
DISKONNEKTED - Yesteryears (Septic edit) (Dependent)
KMFDM - Go To Hell (Cervello Elettronico remix) (Dependent)
PULL OUT KINGS – Into the static (POK Music)
PULL OUT KINGS – Next level beast (POK Music)
FGFC820 - We don't need no WWIII (NoiTekk)
FGFC820 - God & country (NoiTekk)


playlist 8.2.2012.

PLASTIC OPERATOR – Motor (Fine day)
PLASTIC OPERATOR – Sometimes it's easy (Fine day)
HURTS - Better than love (Marsheaux Remix) (Sony)
MIRRORS – Into The Heart (Marsheaux's Greek Girls Are Not Easy mix) (White)
OMD – If you want it (Marsheaux remix) (White)
MARSHEAUX - So far (Tiger Baby remix) (Marsheaux)
PARRALOX - Creep (Cosmic Dawn mix) (Subterrane)
DEMPSEY - Late night (
DEMPSEY - Never knew (
UNDERWATER PILOTS – Mind modulation (
SPLEEN UNITED - Bright cities keep me awake (Copenhagen)
SPLEEN UNITED - Simplicity (Copenhagen)
PATENBRIGADE WOLFF - Maurerradio (Extended) (Dependent)
ANGELS ON ACID - Epitaph (V2) (Dependent)
SKOLD - Tonight (Dependent)
THE PRESSURE CELL - Live out loud (Echozone)
THE PRESSURE CELL - Away from here (Echozone)
COMBICHRIST - Bottle of pain (Lakeshore)
COLLIDE – Intruder (Lakeshore)
AESTHETIC PERFECTION - Under your skin (Deadbeat rmx) (Out Of Line)
APOLLO 440 - Smoke & mirrors (Stealth Sonic Recordings)
APOLLO 440 - Fuzzy logic (Stealth Sonic Recordings)
SHIV-R - God is art (Infacted)



playlist 15.2.2012.

MIND.IN.A.BOX – Control (Dreamweb Music)
MIND.IN.A.BOX – Not afraid (Dreamweb Music)
MIND.IN.A.BOX – Sanctuary (Code 64 Remix) (Dreamweb Music)
2 HEARTS AND CHEMICALS - Coming home (The New Division remix) (white label)
DATSYUK – Bachelorette (ft. John Kunkel) (Division 87)
DATSYUK – Puzzles (Division 87)
DOLEIPS - Sonrie (The New Division remix) (Division 87)
PLASTIC OPERATOR – Making it right (Fine day)
PLASTIC OPERATOR – Soaked (Fine day)
CUT COPY – Need you now (Modular)
CUT COPY – Blink and you'll miss a revolution (Modular)
DEMPSEY - Sex on the beach (
DEMPSEY - When we were younger (
LIQUID DIVINE - Want (ft.Frank M. Spinath) (
GUILT TRIP – Inanimate (Complete Control Productions)
TITANS – It’s dark (Progress Productions)
LEAETHER STRIP - Japanese bodies 92 (Black Rain)
LEAETHER STRIP - Touchdown breakdown 92 (Black Rain)
THE ARCH - Seminary (Echozone)
THE ARCH - Individuals (Echozone)
DIE BRAUT – Ella Maquiavela (NoiTekk)
DIE BRAUT - The new man (NoiTekk)




playlist 22.2.2012.

MIND.IN.A.BOX – Unknown (Dreamweb Music)
MIND.IN.A.BOX – Sanctuary (Interface Remix) (Dreamweb Music)
THE NEW DIVISION – Hearts for sale (The new division)
THE NEW DIVISION – Violent (The new division)
UNDERWATER PILOTS – Nothing left (
UNDERWATER PILOTS – Final illusion (
AURAL - Recognize me (demo)
INURE – This is the life (Metropolis)
TRAKKTOR - Blitzkrieg Galaxy (single edit) (Katjusha)
GUILT TRIP – Oppression (Complete Control Productions) LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA – Give me you (Infacted)
LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA - Sleepwalk (the awakening) (Infacted)
BRIGADE WERTHER - Killbeat (Infacted)
HUMAN DECAY – Alienated (Infacted)
HUMAN DECAY – Mad wights (Infacted)
E-CRAFT – Stahl AG (Steel-Mill-Mix) (Infacted)
E-CRAFT - The new right (Infacted)
SPARK - Hela din varld (Progress Productions)
SPARK - Revolution (Progress Productions)
DOLEIPS – Sonrie (Toniotronic Remix) (Division 87)
APOLLO 440 - Stay frosty (Stealth Sonic Recordings)
APOLLO 440 - Music don't die (Stealth Sonic Recordings)
EVERYTHING GOES COLD - Monsters of the modern age (Ray Gun rmx) (Metropolis)
EVERYTHING GOES COLD - The iron fist of just destruction (Metropolis)



playlist 29.2.2012.

THE SOUND OF THE CROWD – Wildlife (Subterrane)
PARRALOX - Ancient times (Iris extended mix) (Conzoom)
OSTRICH - Icecold kisses (Global Icing remix) (Conzoom)
CINEMASCAPE - Boulevards in the rain (Blindfolded edit) (Conzoom)
JANOSCH MOLDAU - Second best (UK single Version) (Janosch Moldau)
JANOSCH MOLDAU - In another world (single Version) (Janosch Moldau)
OMD - Messages (live in Berlin 2011.) (OMD)
MINERVE - Forbidden love (Starlane remix II) (Echozone)
GHOST & WRITER - Gambit (septic version) (Dependent)
RADICAL G - Dinner with Satan (Dependent)
CABARET - Digital claustrophobia (Cabaret)
PLANETS CITIZENS FT. AURAL - Cant let you (demo)
TRAKKTOR - Blitzkrieg galaxy (X-Ploding Head Syndrome remix) (Katjusha)
HUMAN DECAY – Decayed Thoughts (Infacted)
SN-A - Transmission 01-001-1 (SN-A)
MODCOM FT. LEAETHER STRIP - Native love (State Of The Heart)
HEAD-LESS – Punish your head (raul parra mix) (State Of The Heart)
JACQUES C - I like you (Funk Noir)
ZEBRA AND SNAKE – Burden (100% Records)
ZEBRA AND SNAKE - Empty (100% Records)