playlist 3.03.2010.

WUMPSCUT – Boneshaker baybee (video edit) (Beton Kopf Media)

WUMPSCUT – Siamese (Ken Silver remix) (Beton Kopf Media)

WUMPSCUT – Killuh (Advent Resilence Remix) (Beton Kopf Media)

DE/VISION – Rage (radio cut) (Popgefahr Records)

CRYO – Forgotten (Progress Productions)

CRYO – Counting down again (Progress Productions)

DESTROID – Leaving ground (Assemblage 23 mix) (Scanner)

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE - One drop (Minuswelt)

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE - Golden gate (Minuswelt)

SCHILLER FEAT. NADIA ALI - Try (video version) (Island)

AUTODAFEH - 7 sins (Sigsaly Transmissions)

AUTODAFEH - Brick by brick (Sigsaly Transmissions)

LEAETHER STRIP - Adrenalin rush 10 (Alfa matrix)

LEAETHER STRIP - Strap me down 10 (Alfa matrix)

PROJECT-X - She's lost control (Memento Materia)

PROJECT-X - Needle (Memento Materia)

ARCHITECT - I lost my 808 on a rainy day (Hymen)

NITZER EBB – Down on your knees (Major)

SANTA HATES YOU – Rocket heart (Trisol)

SANTA HATES YOU – God is hiding under my bed (Trisol)

KORD – Forever dark (demo)

SNOG - Were all in this together (Hymen)

SNOG - The fires (Hymen)


playlist 10.03.2010.

WUMPSCUT - Boneshaker baybee (Razorblade Remix) (Beton Kopf Media)

WUMPSCUT - Autophagy day (Advent Resilience remix) (Beton Kopf Media)

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE - My dispair (Minuswelt)

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE - Silver bullets (Minuswelt)

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE - I surrender (Minuswelt)

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE - Snow white (Minuswelt)

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE - This is all (Minuswelt)


IN STRICT CONFIDENCE – Become an angel (Zoth Ommog)

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE – Industrial love (Zoth Ommog)

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE – Kiss your shadow (Bloodline)

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE – Herzattacke (Minuswelt)

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE – Babylon (Minuswelt)

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE – Promised land (Minuswelt)

DE/VISION – Time to be alive (radio edit) (Popgefahr)

DAS SHADOW - Slew (We collect enemies)

SUICIDE COMMANDO - God is in the rain (Out Of Line)

SUICIDE COMMANDO - The pleasure of sin (Out Of Line)

VOMITO NEGRO – Dance with death (Out Of Line)

VOMITO NEGRO – Blood sweat and tears (Out Of Line)

SIGNAL AOUT 42 - Do what I say (Out Of Line)

SIGNAL AOUT 42 - My dream (Out Of Line)

AUTODAFEH - Divided we fall (Sigsaly Transmissions)

AUTODAFEH - Hall of fame (Sigsaly Transmissions)

playlist 17.03.2010.

COVENANT - Like tears in rain (Dependent)

COMBICHRIST - (single version ft. Wes Borland) (Out Of Line)

DESTROID – Silent world (Scanner)

DESTROID - Leaving ground (Scanner)

>>>>DESTROID INTERVIEW with Daniel Myer<<<

DESTROID – Judgement throne (Out Of Line)

DESTROID - Soul asylum (Out Of Line)

DESTROID - Ruins (Scanner)

DESTROID - Bird of prey (Scanner)

SUICIDE COMMANDO - Come down with me (Out Of Line)

SUICIDE COMMANDO - Severed head (Out Of Line)

ABSURD MINDS - Serve or suffer (Scanner)

ABSURD MINDS - The king (Scanner)

VOMITO NEGRO - Move your body (2k10 remake) (Out Of Line)

VOMITO NEGRO - No hope no fear (2k10 remake) (Out Of Line)

KRIMINAL MINDS - Do you want this (Out Of Line)

KRIMINAL MINDS - Line discipline (Out Of Line)

TERMINAL CHOICE - Bitch like you (Out Of Line)

TERMINAL CHOICE - We are back! (Out Of Line)

STATE OF THE UNION - Dancing in the dark (mordacious remix) (Infacted)

PROJECT-X - She's lost control (Leaether Strip remix) (Memento Materia)

CELLMOD - You destroy (Sector 9 Studios)

CELLMOD - Without you (Sector 9 Studios)

playlist 24.03.2010.

COVENANT - The man (live) (Synthetic Symphony)

COVENANT - We stand alone (live) (Synthetic Symphony)

COVENANT - Ritual noise (live) (Synthetic Symphony)

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE - Silver Bullets (Controlled Fusion remix) (Minuswelt)

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE - No refuge in the night (Minuswelt)

MIND.IN.A.BOX - 8 bits (Dependent)

MIND.IN.A.BOX - Last ninja 3

MIND.IN.A.BOX - Reflections V2

PARRALOX - Isn't it strange (extended) (Conzoom)

PARRALOX - Hotter (Marlow mix) (Conzoom)

PARRALOX - When the walls came tumbling down (PT's born again mix) (Conzoom)

JONTEKNIK - Pride in your pocket (Jonteknik)

JONTEKNIK - Omnidirectional (Jonteknik)

MESH - How long (radio edit) (Dependent)

SUICIDE COMMANDO - The dying breed (Out Of Line)

SIGNAL AOUT 42 - Time is coming insurrection (by atopic) (Out Of Line)

VOMITO NEGRO - Black tie white shirt (Out Of Line)

PORTION CONTROL - Skull kid (Sigsaly Transmissions)

PORTION CONTROL - Waste (Sigsaly Transmissions)

VOID KAMPF - EBM posers (Sigsaly Transmissions)

VOID KAMPF - Steel stahl (Sigsaly Transmissions)

THE GIRL & THE ROBOT - Whole (Trisol)

THE GIRL & THE ROBOT - Prayer (Trisol)

KORD - Mind control (demo)

playlist 31.03.2010.

COVENANT - Theremin (club version) (Memento Materia)

COVENANT - Figurehead (Memento Materia)

COVENANT - Stalker (Memento Materia)

COVENANT - Tension (Off Beat)

COVENANT - Tour de force (Dependent)

COVENANT - Like tears in rain ...(Dependent)

COVENANT - Still life (Dependent)


COVENANT - Bullet (Ka2/Sony)

COVENANT - Call the ships to port (Ka2/Sony)

COVENANT - Ritual noise (Synthetic Symphony)

COVENANT - The man (Synthetic Symphony)

COVENANT - Brave new world (Synthetic Symphony)

COVENANT - The world is growing loud (Synthetic Symphony)

MIND.IN.A.BOX - Lightforce (Dependent)

MIND.IN.A.BOX - Mindkiller (Dependent)

MESH - How long (extended) (Dependent)

PARRALOX - Isn't it strange (Josslers Rework) (Conzoom)

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE - Silver bullets (club mix) (Minuswelt)

FADERHEAD - Dirtygrrrls-Dirtybois (ft. Ultimate MC) (L-Tracks)

FADERHEAD - OH Scavenger (L-Tracks)