playlist 2.3.2011.

COMBICHRIST – Throat full of glass (Out Of Line)

COMBICHRIST – Never surrender (Out Of Line)

COMBICHRIST – Sent to destroy (Out Of Line)

COMBICHRIST – All pain is gone (Out Of Line)

Interview Catalyst Infection

SUBSTAAT - Catch me (Dance Macabre)

SUBSTAAT - Hybride (Dance Macabre)

IAMX - Ghosts of utopia (BMG)

PARRALOX - I sing the body electric (Angel Theory Remix) (Conzoom)

PARRALOX – New light (Rotersand vs Timo van Laak rework) (Conzoom)

PARRALOX – Don't listen to me (Hear No Evil remix) (Conzoom)

ASSEMBLAGE 23 - Raw (Aphotic Audio)

ANGEL THEORY – The wind (Aphotic Audio)

LIQUID DIVINE – Sojourner (single edit) (Infacted)

LIQUID DIVINE - Planet zoo (rmx by Aqualite) (Infacted)

BLUTENGEL - The lost children (Out Of Line)

BLUTENGEL - Down on my knees (Out Of Line)

X-FUSION - Strange new world (ProNoize)

X-FUSION - Divine spite (ProNoize)

MOBY – Be the one (

MOBY - Sevastopol (

LIGHTPHASER - Eternity (Nanowave) (Lightphaser)



playlist 9.3.2011.

COMBICHRIST - They (Out Of Line)

COMBICHRIST - Just like me (Out Of Line)

SUBSTAAT - Broken (Dance Macabre)

IAMX - Fire and whispers (BMG)

COVENANT - Der Leiermann (club version) (Dependent)

VNV NATION - Further (Dependent)

CLICKS! - TV (Monochrome version) (Dependent)

MESH - Is It So Hard (remixed by Iris ft. Julia Beyer) (Dependent)

LIQUID DIVINE – Sojourner (remix by Diskonnekted) (Infacted)

THE HUMAN LEAGUE - Never let me go (Aeroplane remix)

HURTS – Sunday (Glam as you radio mix) (sony)

BLANCMANGE – Making aeroplanes ft. Victoria (Proper records)

MIRRORS - Hide and seek (Skint)

MIRRORS - Into the heart (Skint)

CREEP - Days (iTunes)

JOVANOTTI - Tutto l'amore che ho (Universal)

MENTALLO & THE FIXER - Battered states of euphoria (Zoth Ommog)

HEADDREAMER - Colder (Aphotic Audio)

EMPTY - This Regret (Aphotic Audio)

X-FUSION - Thorn in my flesh (Scanner)

X-FUSION - Stroke by stroke (Scanner)

ANALOG ANGEL - Coy (Electro Arc)

MIND.AREA - The Call (EGOamp Remix Edit) (Electro Arc)


playlist 16.3.2011.

TKMF - I miss you so much (Soundcloud)

IAMX - Ghosts of utopia (BMG)

WUMPSCUT - Schrekk & grauss (Beton Kopf Media)

WUMPSCUT - Rudolf Wolzek (Beton Kopf Media)

DISMANTLED – Anthem (Dependent)

SEABOUND - Hooked (Radical Mix) (Dependent)

DECODED FEEDBACK - Mind against matter (Dependent)

FRACTURED - You are (The Voice Inside My Head) (Dependent)

KORP - Devil (demo)

KORP - Bludgeonpipe (demo)

BLITZMASCHINE - Swallow me (Danse Macabre)

BLITZMASCHINE - Useless pain (Danse Macabre)

STEREOMOTION - Anthem (Danse Macabre)

STEREOMOTION - Forgiven (club version) (Danse Macabre)

WAVES UNDER WATER - Sinking deep (Danse Macabre)

WAVES UNDER WATER - My judgement day (Danse Macabre)

X-FUSION - Second sight (Scanner)

X-FUSION - Holly grail (Scanner)

DIE SEKTOR - First murder after the flood (NoiTekk)

DIE SEKTOR - Infernal (NoiTekk)

DYM – AbbraCadaver (NoiTekk)

DYM - Swarm (Minimal Mix) (NoiTekk)

GHOSTWHITE - Daffodil (demo)

GHOSTWHITE - Phoenix (demo)

THE ANIX - Glass (Psychopomps remix) (Cleopatra)


playlist 23.3.2011.

WUMPSCUT - Rudolf Wolzek (Leaether Strip Remix) (Beton Kopf Media)

WUMPSCUT - Zombibikini (Ken Silver Remix) (Beton Kopf Media)

PULL OUT KINGS - Next level beast (POK)

PULL OUT KINGS - Balls really deep (POK)

ROTERSAND - Exterminate annihilate destroy (Dependent)

INTERLACE - Under The Sky (Compact Mix) (Dependent)

KMFDM - Come On - Go Off (Rotersand Rmx) (Dependent)

ENCEPHALON - Daylight (Rmx) (Dependent)

HOCICO – Bite me (Out OF Line)

SUBSTAAT - Adrenaline (I hate noise mix by Northborne) (Danse Macabre)

BLITZMASCHINE - Do not (Danse Macabre)

BLITZMASCHINE - Heartbraker (Danse Macabre)

WAVES UNDER WATER - Red red star (Danse Macabre)

WAVES UNDER WATER - Run (Danse Macabre)

BLANCMANGE - Drive me (Proper)

BLANCMANGE - The western (Proper)

I AM MY NEWT - Douh8me (Aphotic Audio)

I AM MY NEWT - Canu ft. Martin Atkins ((Aphotic Audio)

KORP - Corrosion demonstration (demo)

CYLIX - Don’t let me fade (Life Is Painful)

CYLIX - In my veins (Life Is Painful)

CYBO - Paralyze and collapse (Aliens Production)

ISH - Tales of a green trees (Aliens Production)

TABOR RADOSTI - Syncronicita (Aliens Production)

playlist 30.3.2011.

IAMX - Cold red light (BMG)

IAMX - Music people (BMG)

PARRALOX - I sing the body electric (extended) (Conzoom)

PARRALOX - Promised Land (People Theatre's Diamond Mix) (Conzoom)

ASCII.DISKO - Whitelines blacklines (Art Of Fact)

A BLUE OCEAN DREAM - Opportuneties (abod)

A BLUE OCEAN DREAM - Moments of nostalgia (abod)

MIRRORS - Ways to an end (Skint)

MIRRORS - Look at me (Skint)

ZYNIC - Dreams In black and Wwhite (Conzoom)

ZYNIC - Rescue me (Iris remix) (Conzoom)

PULL OUT KINGS - Into the static (PT fixed mix) (POK)

WUMPSCUT - Wolzek (Ken Silver Remix) (Beton Kopf Media)

WUMPSCUT - Shoulder to the wheel (Wumpscut remix for St. Anthony)


KORP - Cold (demo)

KORP - The secret (demo)

TYSKE LUDDER - Diaspora (Black Rain)

TYSKE LUDDER - For their glory (Black Rain)

VIGILANTE – The new resistance feat. Juergen Engler (Die Krupps) (Black Rain/Art Of Fact)

VIGILANTE – The new world feat. Jens (FunkerVogt) (Black Rain/Art Of Fact)

DISTORTED MEMORY - Black fields (Black rain)

DISTORTED MEMORY - Hand of God (Black rain)