playlist 7.3.2012.

ARMY ON THE DANCEFLOOR – Listen like strangers (AOTD)
MONARCHY – I wont let go (Hacan Sound/100%)
MONARCHY – The phoenix alive (Hacan Sound/100%)
MONARCHY – Design for life (Hacan Sound/100%)
FUTURE UNLIMITED - When it calls (
OSTRICH - Lonely ghost (Einsames Gespenst Remix) (Conzoom)
ZYNIC - Absurd lovesong (Drumboxed) (Conzoom)
NECRO FACILITY - Dead And Gone (Demo)
SPARK - Genom stormen (Progress Productions)
SPARK - Hela din varld (Dirty Anhalt Mix) (Progress Productions)
GUILT TRIP – Inanimate (Complete Control Productions)
NACHTMAHR – Can you feel the beat (Trisol)
NACHTMAHR – - Maedchen in uniform (Trisol)
MINDLESS FAITH - Love is a dirty word (Alter Culture)
MINDLESS FAITH - The thirst (Alter Culture)
INURE - The strange (Metropolis)
INURE - The offering (Metropolis)
MINERVE - Forbidden Love (Meta Sektion Remix) (Echozone)
HUMAN DECAY – Silent submission (Infacted)
HUMAN DECAY – Dolls (Infacted)
E-CRAFT - I had a dream (Infacted)
E-CRAFT - Stars & Stripes (Infacted)



playlist 14.3.2012.

THE NEW DIVISION – Shallow play (John Glenn Remix) (The new division)
THE NEW DIVISION – Violent (Vaab Remix) (The new division)
ARMY ON THE DANCEFLOOR – Listen like strangers (AOTD)
NIPPLEPEOPLE - Sutra (RMX by kVu) (Nipplepeople)
POLAROID KISS – Numb (Polaroid Kiss)
POLAROID KISS – Pay your dues [Assemblage 23 Remix] (Polaroid Kiss)
ARIAN 1 – Dreaming (Produced by Ivo Draganac) (TDV Peru)
ARIAN 1 - I don't care (Produced by Ivo Draganac) (TDV Peru)
SCHRAMM – Illuminati (Future Fame)
SCHRAMM – Tango (Future Fame)
VCMG – Single blip (Mute)
VCMG - Recycle (Mute)
HOWARD JONES – Like to get to know you well (live 2010.) (Howard Jones)
MONARCHY – Jealous guy (Hacan Sound /100% rec)
MONARCHY – Floating cars (Hacan Sound /100% rec)
FORMALIN - Dead fashion (Out Of Line)
FORMALIN - Wasteland manifesto (Out Of Line)
LORDS OF ACID - Pop the tooshie (Army of the Universe Rmx) (Metropolis)
LORDS OF ACID - Sole Sucker (Angelspit Remix) (Metropolis)
INURE - Rapture (Metropolis)
INURE - Cold (Metropolis)




playlist 21.3.2012.

MONARCHY – Maybe I’m crazy (Hacan Sound /100% rec)
MONARCHY – Alien (Hacan Sound /100% rec)
PLANET FUNK – Another sunrise (Universal)
PLANET FUNK – You remain (Universal)
FADERHEAD - Fistful of fuck you (L-Tracks)
FADERHEAD - Inside of me (L-Tracks)
SPEKTRALIZED - My needs (exclusive version) (EK Product)
SPEKTRALIZED - Strange reactions (Rmx by Dj Bariuz of Code 64) (EK Product)
GUILT TRIP - Breathe (Complete Control Productions)
GUILT TRIP - Life Spit Love (Complete Control Productions)
GARAGE CLUB - Talk to you (Golden Lion Records)
OSTRICH – I am out (Conzoom)
DANIEL - Safe (demo)
ARMY ON THE DANCEFLOOR – Listen like strangers (AOTD)
IVO DRAGANAC - Headhunter experiment (demo)
ARIAN 1 - Machine gun (Shooter Mix) (Produced by Ivo Draganac) (TDV Peru)
VOID.INJECT - Mass suicide (Void.Inject)
FORMALIN - The great armageddon (Out Of Line)
FORMALIN - Collider (Out Of Line)
HARDWIRE - No regret (Danse Macabre)
HARDWIRE - Lust for pain (Danse Macabre)
VCMG – Lowly (Mute)
VCMG - Windup robot (Mute)




playlist 28.3.2012.

WUMPSCUT - Women and satan first (Beton Kopf Media)
WUMPSCUT - Hallelujah (Dwarf Edit) (Beton Kopf Media)
MINDLESS FAITH - The thirst (Alter Culture)
MINDLESS FAITH - Love Is A Dirty Word (Alter Culture)
TENEK - World of no relief (Electronic Saviors)
GUILT TRIP - Headplate (Complete Control Productions)
GUILT TRIP - Unite (Complete Control Productions)
SPEKTRALIZED - My Needs (Remix by Icon Of Coil) (EK Product)
SPEKTRALIZED - Special Feeling (Remix by Mental Discipline) (EK Product)
TITANS – All there is (Progress Productions)
TITANS – For the long gone (Progress Productions)
AND ONE – Shice guy (free download)
AND ONE - Perfect life (free download)
FADERHEAD - The World Of Faderhead (L-Tracks)
FADERHEAD - Nothing for nothing (L-Tracks)
NINE INCH NAILS - Only (Plainveil remix) (nin)
NINE INCH NAILS - Only (Richard X remix) (nin)
MONARCHY – Black is colour of my heart (Hacan Sound/100% rec)
MONARCHY – You dont want to dance with me ft. Britt Love (Hacan Sound/100% rec)
SOULSAVERS FT. DAVE GAHAN – Longest day (Mute)
AGES OF DARKNESS - Behind the veil (Ages Od Darkness)
AGES OF DARKNESS - Trauma stomp (Ages Od Darkness)
FORMALIN - Copycat criminal (Out Of Line)
FORMALIN - Fight the enemy (Out Of Line)