playlist 7.04.2010.

COVENANT - The man (live) (Synthetic Symphony)

COVENANT - Dead stars (club version) (Dependent)

COVENANT - Final man (Dependent)

COVENANT - We want revolution (Dependent)

COVENANT - Happy man (Synthetic Symphony)

EMPTY - Never get to you (Aphotic Audio)

EMPTY - Inside (Aphotic Audio)

LOWE - Mirage (radio edit) (Megahype)

MIND.IN.A.BOX - Shades (Dependent)

MIND.IN.A.BOX - We cannot go back to the past (Dependent)

CRYO - I die every day (Progress Productions)

CRYO - I tune in (Progress Productions)

DESTROID - Silent World (Scanner)

DIORAMA - Child of entertainment (Acession)

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE - Silver bullets (Minuswelt)

FADERHEAD - Girly show (L-Tracks)

FADERHEAD - Naughty H (L-Tracks)

DAS SHADOW - Slew (DJ Wool mix) (We Collect Enemies)

JACQUES C - Troubled (club Mix) (Funk Noir)

SUICIDE COMMANDO - God is in the rain (Out Of LIne)

SIGNAL AOUT 42 - Do what I say (Out Of LIne)

ABSURD MINDS - Eternal Witness (Scanner)

ABSURD MINDS - The king (Scanner)

playlist 14.04.2010.

COVENANT - Ritual noise (live) (Synthetic Symphony)

COMBICHRIST – Scarred ft. Wes Borland (Out Of Line)

COMBICHRIST – Sex drogen und industri (unknown mix) (Out Of Line)

COMBICHRIST – Shrunken heads for all ocassions (Out Of Line)

NORTHBORNE - Airsoul (punch mix) (Out Of Line)

SPEEDY J – Actor nine (Out Of Line)

MAELSTROM INC. – Hit me (Out Of Line)

ENDUSER – Two third (Ad Noiseam)

ORANGE SECTOR – Angst (Infacted)

ORANGE SECTOR – Krieg und frieden (Infacted)

VOID KAMPF – EBM oosers (Kicking Ass Mix by Signal Aout42) (Sigsaly Transmissions)

VOID KAMPF – Rock the club (Cold As Ice Mix by Autodafeh) (Sigsaly Transmissions)

PORTION CONTROL - Addiction rising (Sigsaly Transmissions)

PORTION CONTROL - Icon (Sigsaly Transmissions)

MEKANIK DISORDER – Oxydized pleasure (Caustic)

MEKANIK DISORDER - Pieces of mine (Caustic)

U-TEK - Das mass der dinge (predominant mix) (Infacted)

U-TEK - Suction (shot gun mix) (Infacted)

NOISUF-X - All systems go (ProNoize)

NOISUF-X - Excessive exposure (ProNoize)

PROSPECTIVE – The Light Faded (Fire Zone)

PROSPECTIVE - Slavery (Fire Zone)

6CT HUMOUR – I Human (Sonic X)

6CT HUMOUR - Small Step (Sonic X)

playlist 21.04.2010.

KARL BARTOS - I'm the message (Home)

KARL BARTOS - Electronic apeman (Home)

ANTHONY ROTHER - Maschinewelt (Psi49net)

ANTHONY ROTHER - Model SM (Psi49net)

RECOIL - Faith healer (Mute)

RECOIL - Edge tio life (Mute)

RECOIL - Want (Mute)

MIND.IN.A.BOX - Shades (Dependent)

MIND.IN.A.BOX - Whatever mattered (Dependent)

EDGE OF DAWN - Beyond the gate (Remix) (Dependent)

ENCEPHALON - The killing horizon (Dependent)

SYSTEM SYN - The inconvenient (Dependent)

SYSTEM SYN - Losing my religion (Metropolis)

COMFORTABLE CAVE GOODBYE - Travel in (Another place)

ABSURD MINDS - Serve or suffer (Dark Dimensions)

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE - My despair (Minuswelt)

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE - One drop (Minuswelt)

COMBICHRIST – Scarred (pull out kings remix) (Out Of Line)

COMBICHRIST – Blut royale (instru-mental version) (Out Of Line)

COMBICHRIST – Tractor (Out Of Line)

THE HORRORIST - I stand with you (Out Of Line)

EXZAKT - sub.sonic.base (2009 edit) (Out Of Line)

JACQUES C - Doctor Noir (Funk Noir)



playlist 28.04.2010.

KARL BARTOS - 15 minutes of fame (Home/Sony)

KARL BARTOS - Cyberspace (Home/Sony)

ANTHONY ROTHER - Hacker (Psi49net)

MIND.IN.A.BOX - 8 bits (club edit) (Dependent)

MIND.IN.A.BOX - Last ninja 2 (Dependent)

CLIKS - Again and again (and again Mix) (Dependent)

INFORMATIK - Dont be afraid (alone in the dark mix) (Dependent)

INTERLACE - Nemesis (Dependent)

RECOIL - Shunt (Mute)

RECOIL - Stalker (Punished mix) (Mute)

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE - Set me free (Rhys Fulber remix) (Minuswelt)

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE - Silver bullets (x-fusion remix) (Minuswelt)

ABSURD MINDS - Deficit mindset (Dark Dimensions)

ABSURD MINDS - S[Hell]s (Dark Dimensions)

CRYO - Guantanamo bay (Progress productions)

CRYO - Forgotten (Progress productions)

EMPTY - Inside (Aphotic Audio)

EMPTY - The centre (Aphotic Audio)

LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA - True Life (VNV Nation Remix) (Art Of Fact)

DESTROID - Silent World (Kinetik Edit) (Art Of Fact)

DECODED FEEDBACK - Demons (Art Of Fact)