playlist 6.4.2011.

THYX – Into the Realm (thyx)

DEPECHE MODE – Personal Jesus (Alex Metric rmx 2011) (Mute)

DEPECHE MODE – Never let me down again (Eric Prydz rmx 2011) (Mute)

SKOLD – Suck (Dependent/Metropolis)

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE – Set me free (Rhys Fulber remix) (Minuswelt)

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE – My despair (Parralox remix) (Minuswelt)

KORP – Last chance (demo)

INJE – Danas (Breezesquad Remix) (inje)

THE HUMAN LEAGUE – Never let me go (Wall Of Sound)

THE HUMAN LEAGUE – Egomaniac (Wall Of Sound)

BINARY PARK – Wiretripped (Infacted)

BINARY PARK – Human disease (Infacted)

DECREE – Fateless (Art Of Fact)

ANGELSPIT – Channel hell (Deathproof Remix) (Metropolis)

ANGELSPIT – Princess chaos (Metafakt Remix) (Metropolis)

CHAINREACTOR – Control (Pro Noize)

DISTORTED MEMORY – Nomads (Black Rain)

ASCII.DISKO – 100 Demons (Art Of Fact)

ASCII.DISKO – From airlines to lifelines (Art Of Fact)

A BLUE OCEAN DREAM – Back to zero (abod)

A BLUE OCEAN DREAM – Follow your heart (abod)

BREAKAGE FT. JESS MILLS – Fighting Fire (Digital Soundboy)



playlist 13.4.2011.

IAMX – Nightlife (Major)

IAMX – President (Major)

IAMX – Oh beautiful town (BMG)

COMBICHRIST – Throat full of glass (SAM tough guy remix) (Out Of Line)

COMBICHRIST – Throat full of glass (Daniel Myer remix) (Out Of Line)

AND ONE – Save the hate (Out Of Line)

AND ONE – Shining star (Out Of Line)

ZYNIC – Dreams In black and white (Beborn Beton vintage mix)

ZYNIC – Rescue me (Iris Remix edit) (Conzoom)

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE – Set me free (ASP remix) (Minuswelt)

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE – One drop (Patenbrigade Wolff remix) (Minuswelt)

BINARY PARK – Voice of the gun (Infacted)

BINARY PARK – My angel (Infacted)

WUMPSCUT – Schrekk & Grauss (Solitary Experiments remix) (Beton Kopf Media)

WUMPSCUT – Schrekk & Grauss (Igniis Por Ser Mortal Remix) (Beton Kopf Media)

KORP – Blade Runner (end theme) (demo)

KORP – Embers VII We'll meet at dawn (demo)

PRAGER HANDGRIFF – Der aufschwun (Electric Tremor)

PRAGER HANDGRIFF – Im westen nichts neues (Electric Tremor)

THE HUMAN LEAGUE – Sky (Wall of sound)

THE HUMAN LEAGUE – When the stars start to shine (Wall of sound)

INTUITION – Berlin sky (digital)

INTUITION – Enemy of fear (digital)


playlist 20.4.2011.

DEPECHE MODE – Personal Jesus (The Stargate mix) (Mute)

IMPERATIVE REACTION – Surface (Metropolis)

KMFDM – Krank (clean version) (Dependent)

NECRO FACILITY – Cuts (Progress Productions)

NECRO FACILITY – Supposed (Progress Productions)

IAMX – Spit it out (Major)

IAMX – After every party I die (Major)

DIORAMA – Synthesize me (Accession)

DIORAMA – Child of entertainment (Accession)

KLANGSTABIL – Math & Emotion – The square root of one (Ant-Zen)

KLANGSTABIL – Good night kingdom (Ant-Zen)

COMBICHRIST – Throat full of glass (Computer Club club remix) (Out Of Line)

MENTAL DISCIPLINE – Fallen stars ft. Felix Marc (Synthematik)

TORUL – Try (original mix) (Infacted)

TORUL – Take me home (2011 mix) (Infacted)

THYX – Into the realm (thyx)

AND ONE – Dancing in the factory (Out Of Line)

AND ONE – Angel eyes (Out Of Line)

DEINE LAKAIEN – Young 2010 (Chrom)

BLIND PASSENGER – Fukushima slot machine (english version) (Wannsee)

PROJECT PITCHFORK – Ruins of ignorance (Trisol)


BLAME – We rise, we fall (Ionium)

BLAME – Konstrukteur (Ionium)


playlist 27.4.2011.

DEPECHE MODE - Personal Jesus (Alex Metric remix) (Mute)

IAMX - Think of England (61 Seconds)

IAMX - Nature of inviting (61 Seconds)

PATENBRIGADE:WOLFF - Schallplatten unterhalter (Zweieck)

PLAINVEIL - Signs (pleinveil)

PLAINVEIL - Suffer (pleinveil)

PROJECT PITCHFORK - Steelrose (Trisol)

PROJECT PITCHFORK - Carnival (Trisol)

DIORAMA – Ignite (Accession)

DIORAMA – Why (Accession)

INDIV.DUAL - Business & pleasure (indiv.dual)

INDIV.DUAL - Sygnals from above (indiv.dual)

VISION TALK - Unlike (Conzoom)

ZYNIC - Rescue me (Conzoom)

ZYNIC - Any second now (Conzoom)

MENTAL DISCIPLINE - Fallen stars ft. Felix Marc (survivor remix by Systemshock) (Synthematik)

DIRTY BIRD 13 - Girl with the knife (Synthematik)

EASILY DONE - Enlight me (extended version) (Conzoom)

SECOND VERSION - x-ray (extended version) (Conzoom)

SOUNDSEQUENCE - Grim reaper (Progress Productions)

BLIND PASSENGER – Dont drag me down (To Avoid mix) (Wannsee)

BLIND PASSENGER – Neverland (Esteem mix) (Wannsee)

FRACTURED - Fly away (Dependent)