playlist 4.4.2012.

WUMPSCUT - Bloodsport (Wumpscut remix) (Beton Kopf Media)
WUMPSCUT - Burial on demand (Advent Resilience remix) (Beton Kopf Media)
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY – Plasticity (Infacted)
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY – Prophecy (album version) (Infacted)
DETROIT DIESEL - Dance of the dead (Infacted)
DETROIT DIESEL - War never changes (Infacted)
FIRST AID 4 SOULS - Victory monuments (Electro Arc)
DECODED FEEDBACK - Silent killer (Dependent)
HAUJOBB - Cleaned visions (radio - active) (Metropolis)
32CRASH - Elegy for himself (Alfa Matrix)
PROJECT PITCHFORK - I live your dream (eastwest)
TENEK - World of no relief (Metropolis)
AND ONE – Pleasure & pain (free download)
AND ONE – Wasted (free download)
FUTURE UNLIMITED – Golden (free download)
FUTURE UNLIMITED – The coast (free download)
TITANS – Dried out (Progress Productions)
TITANS - Bottom feeder (Progress Productions)
GUILT TRIP - Crack up (Complete Control Productions)
GUILT TRIP - Fragments (Complete Control Productions)
SPEKTRALIZED - My needs (remix by Isle of Crows) (EK Product)
SPEKTRALIZED - Stardust (remix by Supercraft) (EK Product)




playlist 11.4.2012.

DATSYUK – Love 16 (Division 87)
DATSYUK – Turquoise (The New Division emotional Mix) (Division 87)
MESH - You'll never understand (harder) (Metropolis)
ASHBURY HEIGHTS – Decent cancer (Metropolis)
SOIL & ECLIPSE – The will (survival mix) (Metropolis)
ESCALATOR - Bad constellation (EK Product)
KLUTE – No man's land (Zoth Ommog)
SPETSNAZ – Man god (Out Of Line)
FRONT 242 – Rhythm of time (RRE)
WILLIAM CONTROL - Atmosphere (Victory)
WILLIAM CONTROL - Failure of all mankind (Victory)
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY – Fatalist (Infacted)
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY – Deception (Infacted)
AND ONE – Shouts of joy (club mix) (Synthetic Symphony)
AND ONE – Perfect white (Synthetic Symphony)
BLACKBURNER - Dust eater (Hypnotic/Cleopatra)
KORP – Stacheldracht (KORP)
15:55 - Misticna (demo)
FADERHEAD - Older now (L-Tracks)
FADERHEAD - Swedish models and cocaine (L-Tracks)
DETROIT DIESEL - Isolation (Infacted)
DETROIT DIESEL - The playground (Infacted)




playlist 18.4.2012.

NIKI AND THE DOVE - Tomorrow (Sub Pop)
EDGE OF DAWN - Lucid Dreams (Standeg Rmx) (El. Saviors)
PROJECT PITCHFORK - Lament (Electronic Saviors Rmx) (El. Saviors)
EGO LIKENESS - Infidel (El. Saviors)
THE ARCH - Seminary (Echozone)
SONAR - Bad man (Daft)
DANCE OR DIE - Minuteman (Machinery)
CLAN OF XYMOX - No words (4AD)
IN STRICT CONFIDENCE - My dispair (Minuswelt)
DIARY OF DREAMS - AmoK (Accession)
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Prophecy (YK2000 Mix) (Infacted)
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Plasticity (Zero by Haujobb) (Infacted)
WILLIAM CONTROL - We are lovers (Victory)
WILLIAM CONTROL - The velvet warms and binds (Victory)
AND ONE - Shouts of joy (Steve Naghavi mix) (Synthetic Symphony)
AND ONE - s.t.o.p. was an inside job (Synthetic Symphony)
MOTOR - Messed up (original mix) (CLR X)
MOTOR - Pleasure in heaven ft. Gary Numan (CLR X)
SPILSTAR - Dignity (single version) (Synthematik)
SPILSTAR - The holy truth (Synthematik)
BLACKBURNER - Back in black (Vicious dubstep mix) (Hypnotic)
BLACKBURNER - Kashmir (Acid Particle mix feat. Edgar Froese) (Hypnotic)
SKYLA VERTEX - Urwerk (feuer) (Infacted)
SKYLA VERTEX - City demon (Infacted)



playlist 25.4.2012.

PETER HEPPNER - God smoked (Universal)
DIE KRUPPS - Industrie maedchen (Synthetic Symphony)
NIKI AND THE DOVE - Tomorrow (Sub Pop)
HITCHOCK - Never said a word (2850 Music)
HITCHOCK - Running from the sane (2850 Music)
METROLAND - Enjoing the view (Metroland)
METROLAND - The passenger (Metroland)
MOTOR - Hello ft. Reni Lane (CLR X)
MOTOR - In the dark (CLR X)
CARVED SOULS - Broken soul (Conzoom)
CARVED SOULS - It’s not the end (Conzoom)
CINEMASCAPE - Night vision (Conzoom)
CINEMASCAPE - The falling impossible (Conzoom)
AND ONE – Shouts of joy (your ryth mix) (Synthetic Symphony)
AND ONE - Perfect white (Synthetic Symphony)
FUTURE UNLIMITED - Golden (The New Division remix) (
FUTURE UNLIMITED -The coast (MarceauxMarceaux remix) (
PLASTIC OPERATOR - Sometimes it's easy (Fine day)
2ND CIVILIZATION - Lost control (EK Product)
2ND CIVILIZATION - Report from the dark (EK Product)
K-BEREIT - Lesson one (EK Product)
K-BEREIT - Drunk (EK Product)
BLACKBURNER - World is mine (Hypnotic)
BLACKBURNER - When the Beat Drops Me (Dubstep) (Hypnotic)