playlist 5.05.2010.

HURTS - Better than love (RCA)

HURTS - Blood tears and gold (RCA)

CODE 64 - Stasis (Progress Productions)

CODE 64 - Game over (Progress Productions)

CRYO - World of fools (Progress productions)

CRYO - Insane (Progress productions)

DECODED FEEDBACK - Decompress (Dependent)

SYSTEM SYN - Here's to you (Dependent)

EGO LIKENESS - Now until forever (Dependent)

COVENANT - Xrds (Art Of Fact)

IMPERATIVE REACTION - Functional (Hi-Watt remix) (Art Of Fact)

NOVPROC - Avatar (free download)

NOVPROC - Copy & waste (free download)

GIRLS ON FILM - Pitiless friend (Soulow)

GIRLS ON FILM - Too close (Soulow)

CHROM - New impression (Fear Section)

CHROM - Worst day (Fear Section)

PSY'AVIAH - Anger management (Alfa Matrix)

PSY'AVIAH - No excuse (Alfa Matrix)

MINUSHEART - Future Lies (Nation Under Beat Mix by Destroid) (Echozone)

MINUSHEART - Carneval Of Hearts (Robotic Heart Version by Bionic) (Echozone)

ASCII.DISKO - Pantera (Art Of Fact)

ASCII.DISKO - Stay gold forever gold (Art Of Fact)



playlist 12.05.2010.

FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Shifting through the lens (Dependent)

FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Angriff (Dependent)

X-MARKS THE PEDWALK - Lifeline (Infacted)

X-MARKS THE PEDWALK - Runaway (Infacted)

CODE 64 - Stasis (Karanda remix) (Progress Productions)

CRYO - Guantanamo bay (Terrorist Mix) (Progress productions)

CRYO - I Tune In (Project-X remix) (Progress productions)

IAMX - You can be happy (Combichrist remix) (61 seconds)

IAMX - Kingdom of welcome addiction (Aestetic Perfection remix) (61 seconds)

EMPTY - Recognition (Aphotic Audio)

EMPTY - Underground (Aphotic Audio)

MINERVE - Every day (Gravitator)

MINERVE - Phoenix (Gravitator)

NEUTRAL LIES - (In your) neutral eyes (almost original mix) (Boredom)

NEUTRAL LIES - Slough Of Despond (remixed by Dekad) (Boredom)

GIRLS ON FILM - Medicated mind (DJ F remix) (Soulow)

GIRLS ON FILM - Pitiless friend (Macutchi remix) (Soulow)

FRACTURED - For what (Art Of Fact)

RUN LEVEL ZERO - Deny me (Art Of Fact)

MINUSHEART - Burning star (no tears mix Accessory) (Echozone)

MINUSHEART - Poison lies (giftiges fleich mix by electro lyth) (Echozone)

NOVPROC - 1:30 AM (free download)

playlist 19.05.2010.

FATBOY SLIM - Champion sound (Hereldeduke remix) (free download)

UNDERWORLD - Scribble (Radio Edit) (free download)

THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS - Swoon (radio edit) (Virgin)


FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Shifting through the lens (Dependent)

FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Endless void (Dependent)

CODE 64 - Stasis (Code 64's Dreamscape version) (Progress Productions)

NO COMMENT - You spin me round (like a record) (Echozone)

NO COMMENT - Pulstar (2010 single) (Echozone)

ORANGE SECTOR - Krieg und frieden (Infacted)

AD:KEY - Our world of ebm (Electric Tremor)

AD:KEY - Resist (Electric Tremor)

RED INDUSTRIE - My victory ft Psyche (Electro Arc)

RED INDUSTRIE - Your wish is my command ft Sara Noxx (Electro Arc)

GOD MODULE - The magic in my heart is dead (Out Of Line)

GOD MODULE - A minute to midnight (Out Of Line)

CHROM - Scared tonight (Fear Section)

CHROM -Salvation (People Theatre's crash mix) (Fear Section)

BROAD BEAN BAND - OkiDoki (We Collect Enemies)

PLASTIC OPERATOR - Parasols (ACTH remix) (Fine Day)

WINTER GLOVES - Let me drive (Plastic Operator remix) (Paper Bag)

NEUTRAL LIES - (In Your) Neutral Eyes (remixed by Foretaste) (Boredom Product)

NEUTRAL LIES - Introspection (remixed by Darkmen) (Boredom Product)

BJORN SVIN - BowbroW (Rump)



playlist 26.05.2010.

FATBOY SLIM - Drop the hate (Skint)

FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Shifting through the lens (Dependent)

EDGE OF DAWN - Siren's Call (Dependent)

DIORAMA - Cubed (Accession)

DIORAMA - Ignite (Accession)

X MARKS THE PEDWALK - Clean hearts (Infacted)

X MARKS THE PEDWALK - Human scientists (Infacted)

X MARKS THE PEDWALK - Facer (Infacted)

X MARKS THE PEDWALK - Ten miles (Infacted)

SLAVE REPUBLIC - My maker (Accession)

SLAVE REPUBLIC - Choking-drowning (Accession)

FRONT 242 - Operating tracks (Out Of Line)

A SPLIT SECOND - Mambo witch (single cut) (Out Of Line)

CABARET VOLTAIRE - I want you (Out Of Line)

DIE FORM - Voltaic control system (Out Of Line)

MARSHEAUX - Breakthrough (Out Of Line)

LOLA ANGST - Boulevard of broken hearts (Out Of Line)

ADKEY - That's it (Electric Tremor)

ADKEY - Pissed off (Electric Tremor)

RED INDUSTRIE - Flesh and blood (Electric Tremor)

RED INDUSTRIE - Going round 2010 (Electric Tremor)

KANT KINO - We are Kant Kino (Alfa Matrix)

TRAKKTOR - Veil Of thorns (Trakktor)

ANALOG MATRIX - Luna x (demo)

BROAD BEAN BAND - OkiDoki (Subtitle remix) (We Collect Enemies)