playlist 4.5.2011.

LADYTRON - Ace of Hz (Tiesto remix) (Nettwerk)

LADYTRON - Blue Jeans (Josh Wink mix) (Nettwerk)

IAMX – President (Major)

IAMX – After every party I die (Major)

KOSHEEN – Hide u (Moksha)

KOSHEEN – Catch (Moksha)

KORP - Suicide angel (demo)

DEPECHE MODE - Puppets (Royksopp Remix) (Mute)

PLAINVEIL - Issue (Plainveil)

FRONT 242 - Triple X Girlfriend (Art Of Fact)

DIE KRUPPS – Fatherland (Art Of Fact)

ASSEMBLAGE 23 – Spark (whiteout mix by Jade from Blaqk Audio) (Art Of Fact)

WUMPSCUT – Wumpelstilz (Beton Kopf Media)

WUMPSCUT – Zombibikini (Beton Kopf Media)

MENTAL DISCIPLINE FT. ALEX COOK - The forgotten dreams (Synthematik)

ALPHA POINT - Try to forget (Synthematik)

RU.ARE - Saviour (Synthematik)

FUTURE PERFECT - Hunter (Mark Rasure Robotham club mix) (Conzoom)

VILE ELECTRODES - Proximity (extended version) (Conzoom)

ZYNIC - Almost silence (Conzoom)

ZYNIC - Mourning light (Conzoom)

PROJECT PITCHFORK – I live your dream (Trisol)

PROJECT PITCHFORK – Timekiller (Trisol)

SCHULTZ - 24 hours are not enough (Time Destroyer mix by Jack Horrid)



playlist 11.5.2011.

HURTS - Illuminated (Sony)

HURTS - Better than love (Freemasons pegasus club mix) (Sony)

NECRO FACILITY – Explode (Progress Productions)

NECRO FACILITY – You want it (Progress Productions)

TITANS – All there is (Progress Productions/

CRYO – Weitergehen (Progress Productions/

CODE 64 – Rebirth (Progress Productions/

IAMX – The alternative (Major)

IAMX - Ghosts of utopia (BMG)

OBLIQUE – A kind of electric current (Parralox ancient mix) (Conzoom)

SPREADING POINT - Turning point (People Theatre's curve mix) (Conzoom)

POPELECTRONIQUE - Perfect stranger (DreamBox)

POPELECTRONIQUE - Day after day after day (DreamBox)

INDIV.DUAL – Mirror mirage (indiv.dual)

AMNISTIA – Egotrap (Scanner)

AMNISTIA – Faceless (Scanner)

SLEEPWALK - Blindness (Scanner)

SLEEPWALK - Dig your grave (Scanner)


V2A – Android (NoiTekk)

V2A – Electro ueber alles (NoiTekk)

V2A – War machine (NoiTekk)

SIVA SIX - Faileth stars (Alfa Matrix)

KRYSTAL SYSTEM - Nuclear winter (Alfa Matrix)



playlist 4.5.2011.

IAMX – Kis and swollow (Major)

IAMX – Your joy is my low (Major)

DIORAMA – Advance (Accession)

DIORAMA - Friends we used to know (Accession)

AND ONE – Electrocution (Out Of Line)

AND ONE – Seven (Out Of Line)

THE PAIN MACHINERY - Armed! (Jouni Ollila Remix) (CCP)

THE PAIN MACHINERY - Hard cash (Necro Facility Remix) (CCP)

PLAINVEIL - Suffer (rmx) (Plainveil)

DUPONT – Run for protection ( Productions)

KITE - What have I done ( Productions)

NECRO FACILITY - Ifrit (Progress Productions)

NECRO FACILITY - Nursed (Progress Productions)

NECRO FACILITY - Tuxedo (Progress Productions)

NECRO FACILITY - Kite (Progress Productions)


NECRO FACILITY – All that you take (Progress Productions)

NECRO FACILITY – Supposed (Progress Productions)

NECRO FACILITY – Do you feel the same (Progress Productions)


playlist 25.5.2011.

MARS TV - Reminisce (Wonderland)

MARS TV - Agoraphobia (Wonderland)

STUM – Sex on fire (Megahype)

HAUJOBB - Letting the demons sleep (Nightmare)

TORUL - Try (sa-x90 remix) (Infacted)

DIFFUZION - Here is the house (Alfa Matrix)

KANT KINO ft. AYRIA - Nothing's impossible (Alfa Matrix)

DEINE LAKAIEN - Europe (Chrom)

NECRO FACILITY - You want it (Progress Productions)

NECRO FACILITY - Do you feel the same (Henrik Backstrom remix) (Progress Productions)

THE WALTON HOAX - Chemical burn (The Walton Hoax)

PAIL - Global dreams (Caustic)

PAIL - Planet prison (Caustic)

SLEEPWALK - Dig your grave (Encounter Remix) (Scanner)

SLEEPWALK - Control (Stereomotion Remix) (Scanner)

THE PAIN MACHINERY - Hard Cash (12inch mix feat. Ted Barley) (CCP)

THE PAIN MACHINERY - Grinder (12inch mix) (CCP)

PROJECT PITCHFORK - En garde (Trisol)


AMNISTIA - Fading (like a cloud in a storm) (Scanner)

AMNISTIA - Film (Scanner)

MIND.AREA – Corruption (feat.EMPTY) (Ionium)

MIND.AREA - Cut'n'paste (Ionium)