playlist 2.5.2012.

ULTRAVOX - Brilliant (EMI)
DOUGLAS McCARTHY - Hey (Shaboom)
PETER HEPPNER - God smoked (Universal)
METROLAND - It's more fun to commute (Metroland)
METROLAND - Moscow main (Metroland)
CARVED SOULS - Box (Conzoom)
CARVED SOULS - Waveform (Conzoom)
CINEMASCAPE - The sky (Conzoom)
CINEMASCAPE - Deep waters (Conzoom)
HITCHOCK - Willain (2850 Music)
HITCHOCK - Smack boom (2850 Music)
DIE KRUPPS - Industrie maedchen (Synthetic Symphony)
MOTOR - Messed up (CLR X)
MOTOR - Man made machine ft. Martin Gore (CLR X)
MARC HEAL - The doll (soundcloud)
GIN DEVO - Out of control (EK Product)
NAKED TEARS - Insidious (Naked Tears)
2ND CIVILIZATION - Hurt (EK Product)
2ND CIVILIZATION - Report from the future (EK Product)
K-BEREIT - Fist of fire (EK Product)
K-BEREIT - On the way (EK Product)
LORDS OF ACID - Children of acid (Metropolis)
LORDS OF ACID - Long Johns (Metropolis)
16VOLT - Filthy love of fire (Metropolis)
16VOLT - Dreams of light (Metropolis)
ALTER DER RUINE - Keep the devil off your back (Negative Gain)


playlist 9.5.2012.

TORUL – Glow (original version) (Infacted)
TORUL - Elegy (Torul Recordings)
TORUL - Take me home (Torul Recordings)
THE NEW DIVISION – Violent (Future Unlimited Remix)(soundcloud)
DOUGLAS McCARTHY - Hey (Shaboom)
PETER HEPPNER – Meine welt (Universal)
RADIOAKTIVISTS - Pieces of me (Dependent)
KMFDM – Amnesia (Kap’n K mix edit) (Dependent)
PRIDE AND FALL – Reborn (Dependent)
MOONLIGHT COVE - Stranger (Conzoom)
MOONLIGHT COVE - Last of the heartbroken (Conzoom)
S.P.O.C.K - Queen of space (Single Version) (Art Of Fact)
ALPHA POINT – Things I do (Out Of Line)
ALPHA POINT – High like the angels (Out Of Line)
GECKO SECTOR - X-files of my life (Gecko Sector)
GECKO SECTOR - Recall (Gecko Sector)
METROLAND - Travelling (Metroland)
METROLAND - Mind the gap (Metroland)
IVO DRAGANAC - Operating tracks (Remake 2012) (Ivo Draganac)
VOYAGERS - Leaving Sensoria (Original) (
VOYAGERS - Porn-Machine (Sonic Edit bonus track) (
NIPPLEPEOPLE - Broj (Masturbeator remix) (Nipplepeople)
NAKED TEARS - Compulsive desire (Naked Tears)
REIZSTROM - Invisible force (Ionium)