playlist 2.06.2010.

DE/VISION - Rage (album version) (Popgefahr)

DE/VISION - Plastic heart (Popgefahr)

EDGE OF DAWN - Siren's Call (Dependent)

LIGHTS - Saviour (Adam Young remix) (Universal Music Canada)

SKINNY PUPPY - Tormentor (Nettwerk)

SKINNY PUPPY - Morpheus laughing (Nettwerk)

SKINNY PUPPY - Worlock (Nettwerk)

SKINNY PUPPY - Tin omen (Nettwerk)

DAF - Alle gegen alle (Out Of Line)

PANKOW - Me and my ding dong (Out Of Line)

LEAETHER STRIP - Japanese bodies (Out Of Line)

SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS - A rush of ecstasy? (Out Of Line)

COMBICHRIST - Can't change the beat (Out Of Line)

ESC - Concrete (Scanner)

ESC - Leitbild (Featuring SITD)

MEMMAKER - Prophecy (Art Of Fact)

MEMMAKER - Death comes (remixed by Rotersand) (Art Of Fact)

TRAKKTOR - Veil Of thorns (remix by Terror Punk Syndicate) (Trakktor)


ELECTRO FUNK ROCKERS - Go-getta (Urbcom)

INTERCITY3 - Travelogue (Urbcom)

PEACHES - Lose You (DJ Hell remix) (Int. Deejay Gigolo)

HELL FT. BRYAN FERRY - U Can Dance (Carl Craig remix V2) (Int. Deejay Gigolo)

UHU! - Faster Speedias (Int. Deejay Gigolo)



playlist 9.06.2010.

FATBOY SLIM VS. HERVE - Machines Can Do The Work (Original) (Skint records)

FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Shifting through the lens (Dependent)

SKINNY PUPPY - Smothered hope (Nettwerk)

SKINNY PUPPY - Assimilate (Nettwerk)

HOW TO DESTROY ANGELS - Fur lined (free download)

HOW TO DESTROY ANGELS - A Drowning (free download)

HATBROTT - Boy (Hatbrott)

HATBROTT - Gold und liebe (Hatbrott)

TO AVOID - Passion and pain (Tamb Media)

TO AVOID - Lying eyes (Tamb Media)

DEAD TURNS ALIVE - Fading away (Vendetta Music)

DEAD TURNS ALIVE - We say (Vendetta Music)

DUST IS NOISE - One failed voice (Vendetta Music)

DUST IS NOISE - Path too worn (Vendetta Music)

STATIC VIOLENCE - Counterstrike (Bensch-Audio)

STATIC VIOLENCE - Verhoer (Faderhead interrogation remix) (Bensch-Audio)

MEMMAKER - Insomnia (Art Of Fact)

MEMMAKER - Death comes (remixed by Autodafeh) (Art Of Fact)

J HOOKERS - Underground high (Urbcom)

PROJECT BLUE - Machine (Urbcom)

HRASTPROGRAMMER - Genesis (HrastProgrammer)

KEN HAYWAKAWA - Trip to Amsterdam (Chromatic version) (Int. Deejay Gigolo)

VINYL LIFE - Good Life (It's more fun to compute) (Int. Deejay Gigolo)


playlist 16.06.2010.

DECODED FEEDBACK - Silent killer (Dependent)

DECODED FEEDBACK - Proteus syndrome (Dependent)

KLANGSTABIL - Vertraut (original) (Ant Zen)

KLANGSTABIL - Vertraut (Renegade Of Noise remix by Daniel Myer) (Ant Zen)

SKINNY PUPPY - Deep down trauma hounds (Nettwerk)

SKINNY PUPPY - Pro-test (Synthetic Symphony)

CANAL POPO FT. LARA SAMBERT - Wonderwall (Eternal sunday)

CANAL POPO FT. LARA SAMBERT - Little by little (Eternal sunday)

ANDY BELL - Say what you want (elektrolad remix) (Elektrolad)

DAYBEHAVIOR - City lights (free download)

THIS VISION - Young hearts (Extended Version)

THIS VISION - JOHNNY X - Rodeo (Peter's Horny mix) (Conzoom)

DUAL DENSITY - Fake (Conzoom)

DUAL DENSITY - Undress (Conzoom)

TO AVOID - Do you know (Tamb Media)

TO AVOID - Against the current (necroremix by Necro Facility) (Tamb Media)

HATBROTT - Love song (Hatbrott)

HATBROTT - Meine jugend (Hatbrott)

DEAD TURNS ALIVE - The serpent's chant (Vendetta Music)

HOW TO DESTROY ANGELS - The space in between (free download)

HOW TO DESTROY ANGELS - The believers (free download)

HRASTPROGRAMMER - Acrophobia (HrastProgrammer)

HRASTPROGRAMMER - Timedistort (HrastProgrammer)




playlist 23.06.2010.

KLANGSTABIL - Vertraut (for a friend remix by Torben Wend) (Ant Zen)

DECODED FEEDBACK - Eternity falls (Dependent)

DECODED FEEDBACK - Demons (Dependent)

SKINNY PUPPY - Rodent (Nettwerk)

SKINNY PUPPY - Who's laughing now (Nettwerk)

TO AVOID - Against the current (rmx by Second Disease) (Tamb Media)

TO AVOID - Passion and pain (rmx by Cephalgy) (Tamb Media)

MIND AREA - No chance (edit) (Ionium)

MIND AREA - Lowdown (feat. reizstrom) control version (IOnium)

KLONAVENUS - The loser (Klonavenus)

KLONAVENUS - Endless (Klonavenus)

KANT KINO - This is why (Alfa Matrix)

KANT KINO - You gave me nothing (Alfa Matrix)

PLAINVEIL WITH MIND.IN.A.BOX - With you (Plainveil)

AS ABLE AS KANE - Time (Electric Tremor)

AS ABLE AS KANE - Two watching (Electric Tremor)

CANAL POP FT. LARA SAMBERT - Lyla (Eternal sunday)

DUAL DENSITY - Where are you hiding (Parralox remix) (Conzoom)

DUAL DENSITY - Undress (Distain remix) (Conzoom)

TRENTEMOLLER - Tide (In My Room)

TRENTEMOLLER - ... even though youre with another girl (In My Room)

DETROIT GRAND PUBAHS - Numb deaf and dumb (Detelefunk)




playlist 30.06.2010.

FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Shifting through the lens (Dependent)

FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Hostage (Dependent)

FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Pressure Wave (Dependent)

FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Afterlife (Dependent)

FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Stupidity feat. Al Jourgensen (Dependent)


FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Digital tension dementia (Third Mind Records)

FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Iceolate (Wax Trax!)

FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Mindphaser (Third Mind Records)

FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY- Plasticity (Off Beat)

SKINNY PUPPY - Cult (American Recordings)

HURTS - Wonderful life (Arthur Baker Remix-Kitsune Edit) (Sony)

TENEK - Blinded by you (Single mix) (Toffeetones)

SPECTRA PARIS - Carrie Satan (Out Of Line)

KIFOTH - Ten fingers (Vendetta)

DEAD HAND PROJEKT - Lost (Vendetta)