playlist 1.6.2011.

DEPECHE MODE - Sister of night (Ida Engberg's walking through the light dub) (Mute)
DEPECHE MODE - Behind the wheel (Vince Clarke remix) (Mute)
DEPECHE MODE - In chains (Alan Wilder remix) (Mute)
LOWE - Breathe in breathe out (Megahype)
DAYBEHAVIOR - City lights (free download)
DAYBEHAVIOR - Silent dawn (Graplur)
STUM – Start a fight (Megahype)
STUM - Dead inside (Megahype)
OHGR – Bellew (Metropolis)
OHGR - Hollow (Metropolis)
AMNISTIA - Elements (Rotersand Rework) (Scanner)
AMNISTIA - Egotrap (Empty Remix) (Scanner)
INDIV.DUAL – Drift (indiv.dual)
INDIV.DUAL – Arbit (indiv.dual)
LEE J MALCOLM - Massive slab (EPM Music)
LEE J MALCOLM - Oh yeah (EPM Music)
MIHAI POPOVICIU - L Fo Ve (Highgrade)
MIHAI POPOVICIU - Slightly pale (Highgrade)
JUREK PRZEZDZIECKI – My left side is yours (Definition)
JUREK PRZEZDZIECKI – Sic et non (Definition)


playlist 8.6.2011.

DEPECHE MODE - Never let me down again (Eric Prydz Remix) (Mute)
DEPECHE MODE - Walking in my shoes (Anandamidic Remix) (Mute)
KANT KINO – Behind the wheel (Alfa Matrix)
DAYBEHAVIOR - Silent dawn (People Theatre Remix) (Graplur)
MARS TV - Believe in me (Wonderland)
MARS TV - Frantic (extended version) (Wonderland)
STUM – Panic (Megahype)
MESH – Hold it together (Daniel Myer renegade of noise rmx) (Dependent)
MESH – How long (Assemblage 23 remix) (Dependent) (Dependent)
FRACTURED – You are (the voice inside my head) (Dependent)
FRACTURED - Fly away (Dependent)
KMFDM - Krank (Dependent)
KMFDM - Take it like a man (Dependent)
DISMANTLED – Disease (Dependent)
DISMANTLED – Excess (Dependent)
NECRO FACILITY - Skrik (Progress Productions)
NECRO FACILITY - Waiting for the snow (Progress Productions)
PAIL - Burnt out system (Caustic)
PAIL - Hyper-reality (Caustic)
KORP - Maybe (straight mix) (demo)
ARMY OF THE UNIVERSE - Army of me (Metropolis)


playlist 15.6.2011.

DEPECHE MODE - Strangelove (Tim Simenon & Mark Saunders remix) (Mute)
DEPECHE MODE - World in my eyes (dub in my eyes) (Mute)
DEPECHE MODE - I feel you (helmet at the helm mix) (Mute)
SCHWARZBLUT - Little 15 (Alfa Matrix)
HALO IN REVERSE – Walking in my shoes Alfa Matrix)
MESH - Hopes, dreams (Parralox remix) (Dependent)
MESH - Is it so hard feat Julia Beyer (Iris remix) (Dependent)
HAUJOBB - Dead market (Zweieck)
DISMANTLED - The whore inside me (Dependent)
DISMANTLED - Dead on impact (Dependent)
KMFDM – Come on - go off (Dependent)
KMFDM - Vive la mort! (Dependent)
FRACTURED – Disengage (Dependent)
FRACTURED – For what (Dependent)
THE PAIN MACHINERY - Shine (Complete Control Productions)
THE PAIN MACHINERY - Critical state (Complete Control Productions)
PAIL - Dignity Corrosion (Caustic)
PAIL - Silence (Caustic)
DAYBEHAVIOR - Silent dawn (Paramaterial remix)
FELIX MARC - The muse (Infacted)
FELIX MARC - Ghost (Infacted)
INFACT - Remember (Out Of Line)
CONTROLLED COLLAPSE - Prisoner (dark mix) (Out Of Line)


playlist 22.6.2011.

JEAN-MICHEL JARRE - Oxygene 4 (Disques Dreyfus)
JEAN-MICHEL JARRE - Equinoixe 4 (Disques Dreyfus)
HURTS – Illuminated (Sony)
HURTS - Sunday (Sony)
COMPACT SPACE – Push push (Ferryhouse Prod.)
PARRALOX - Creep (Subterrane)
CLOCK DVA – Voice recognition test (Contempo)
CLOCK DVA – Final program (Contempo)
DANCE OR DIE – Nostradamnation (Out Of Line)
DANCE OR DIE - Northern winter (Out Of Line)
HAUJOBB - Dead market (Absoltute Body Control remix) (Zweieck)
THE PAIN MACHINERY - Surrender (Complete Control Productions)
THE PAIN MACHINERY - The grudge (Complete Control Productions)
KORP – (Dependent) (demo)
MESH - Only better (Alien6 remix) (Dependent)
MESH - Everything I made (Kloq remix) (Dependent)
FRACTURED – Straight jacket fashion (Dependent)
FRACTURED – We bare these scars (Dependent)
KMFDM – Amnesia (Dependent)
KMFDM - Spectre (Dependent)
DISMANTLED – The bathroom floor (Dependent)
DISMANTLED – Insecthead (Dependent)
FELIX MARC - Opposite sides (Infacted)
FELIX MARC - Repair (Infacted)



playlist 29.6.2011.

JEAN-MICHEL JARRE - London kid (Disques Dreyfus)
JEAN-MICHEL JARRE - Rendez-vous 4 (Disques Dreyfus)
JEAN-MICHEL JARRE - Oxygene 2 (Disques Dreyfus)
JEAN-MICHEL JARRE - Equinoxe 5 (Disques Dreyfus)
HURTS - Wonderful life (Sony)
HURTS - Better than love (Sony)
HURTS - Stay (Sony)
DANCE OR DIE – Helios (Out Of Line)
DANCE OR DIE – Dance or die (Solitary Experiments remix) (Out Of Line)
DANCE OR DIE – Time zero (dead line mix) (Out Of Line)
MIRACLE - The visitor (House Anxiety)
MIRACLE - Sunshine hall (House Anxiety)
COMPACT SPACE – Push push (Ferryhouse Prod.)
NITZER EBB - To the hilt (Die Krupps cover) (Major)
DIE KRUPPS - Blood money (Nitzer Ebb cover) (Major)
THE PAIN MACHINERY - Never (Complete Control Productions)
THE PAIN MACHINERY - Armed (Complete Control Productions)
MESH – How long (mesh full duration pump mix) (Dependent)
MESH – Everything I made (Robin Gigla remix) (Dependent)
FRACTURED - Dig (Dependent)
FRACTURED - Anesthetic (ft.Mat from Encephalon) (Dependent)
HAUJOBB – Dead market (Exes remix) (Zweieck)
KMFDM - Dystopia (Dependent)
KMFDM - Panzerfaust (Dependent)