playlist 2.09.2009.

VNV NATION - The great divide (Anachron Sounds)

VNV NATION - Sentinel (Anachron Sounds)

VNV NATION - Defiant (Anachron Sounds)

VNV NATION - Testament (Anachron Sounds)

VNV NATION - Chrome (Anachron Sounds)

VNV NATION - Arena (Anachron Sounds)

VNV NATION - Honour 2003 (Anachron Sounds)

VNV NATION - Genesis (Dependent)

VNV NATION - Beloved (Dependent)

VNV NATION - Darkangel (Dependent)

VNV NATION - Standing (Dependent)

VNV NATION - Solitary (Off Beat)

ROTERSAND - War on error (declaration) (Trisol)

ROTERSAND - Dirty (Trisol)

ROTERSAND - I cry (rework) (Trisol)

ROTERSAND - Dare to live (SR Version) (Dependent)

ROTERSAND - Exterminate annihilate destroy (Dependent)

ROTERSAND - By the waters (Dependent)

ROTERSAND - Merging oceans (Endless records)

ROTERSAND - Almost violent (Endless records)

SOLAR FAKE - The shield (Synthetic Symphony)

SOLAR FAKE - Creep (Synthetic Symphony)


playlist 9.09.2009.

PARRALOX – Hotter (radio edit) (Conzoom Rec.)

ROTERSAND – War on error (DJ edit) (Trisol)

ROTERSAND - Bastards screaming - on and on (Trisol)

CLAN OF XYMOX – Emily (Trisol)

CLAN OF XYMOX – On a mission (Trisol)

CLAN OF XYMOX – Judas (Trisol)

CLAN OF XYMOX - interview


CLAN OF XYMOX – Medusa (4AD)

CLAN OF XYMOX – Louise (4AD)

XYMOX – Evelyn (Wing/PolyGram)

XYMOX – Imagination (Wing/PolyGram)

PERFIDIOUS WORDS - My body's needs (Trisol)

PERFIDIOUS WORDS - Take me back (Trisol)

DUPONT - Run for protection (Progress Productions)

DUPONT - Entering the ice age (Progress Productions)

playlist 16.09.2009.

MESH – Only better (gritty) (Dependent)

AUTODAFEH – Retro electric (Sigsaly Transmissions)

AUTODAFEH – Secret ground (Sigsaly Transmissions)

AUTODAFEH – The chase (Sigsaly Transmissions)

AUTODAFEH – Whisper (Sigsaly Transmissions)

AUTODAFEH - interview

AUTODAFEH – Fuel of fire (Sigsaly Transmissions)

AUTODAFEH – One man (Sigsaly Transmissions)

AUTODAFEH – Souls of destruction (Sigsaly Transmissions)

JÄGER 90 – Der Verzicht (Electric Tremor)

JÄGER 90 – Mehr von dir (Electric Tremor)

EQUENZ-E – Warum (Electric Tremor)

SEQUENZ-E – So sei es (Electric Tremor)

A.D.A.C. 8286 - Fightnight (Electric Tremor)

A.D.A.C. 8286 - Things I hate (Electric Tremor)

ESCALATOR - Offenziva (Electric Tremor)

ESCALATOR - Hivom a multat (Electric Tremor)

THE BLISTER EXISTS – The Pretender (Electric Tremor)

THE BLISTER EXISTS – Adicted (Electric Tremor)

BIOMEKKANIK - State of perfection (Subspace Communications)

BIOMEKKANIK -Heaven awaits (Subspace Communications)

DUPONT - New dawn (Progress Productions)

DUPONT - Behave (Progress Productions)

FROZEN PLASMA - Earthling (lost in the void remix) (Infacted)

FROZEN PLASMA - Tanz die revolution (english version) (Infacted)

ACYLUM – Crazy (Alfa Matrix)

ACYLUM – Raise your fist (Alfa Matrix)

playlist 23.09.2009.

KILOWATTS & VANEK - Odyssey (Dependent)

KILOWATTS & VANEK - Sudden flow (Dependent)

PORTION CONTROL - Amnesia09 beta.01 (Sigsaly Transmissions)

PORTION CONTROL - Blind eye (Sigsaly Transmissions)

PORTION CONTROL - Brain scraper death dive (rebuild) (Sigsaly Transmissions)




PORTION CONTROL - Danger zone (Dead Man's Curve)

PORTION CONTROL - Fistful of creds (Dead Man's Curve)

PARRALOX - Hotter (Conzoom)

PARRALOX – I am human (Conzoom)

MESH – Only better (Alien6 Mix) (Dependent)

MESH – Shattered glass (Dependent)

OBLIQUE - Without making noise (Actua Musica)

OBLIQUE - When the guitar fell in love with my synth (Actua Musica)

OBLIQUE - Sincerely Yours (BombJack Remix) (Actua Musica)

CESIUM 137 – Broken (Metropolis)

CESIUM 137 – Embers (Metropolis)

AKANOID – Unbreak me (Echozone)

AKANOID – Jump into the hive (Echozone)

playlist 30.09.2009.

ROTERSAND - War on error (DJ edit) (Trisol)

MESH – Only better (club) (Dependent)

X MARKS THE PEDWALK - Abattoir (extended mix) (Infacted)

NACHTMAHR - - Tanzdiktator (Trisol)

THE INVINCIBLE SPIRIT - Push (1990 new version) (Infacted)

SUICIDE COMMANDO - Until we die (Out Of Line)

FROZEN PLASMA - Tanz die revolution (english version) (Infacted)

AGONOIZE – Bis das blut gefriert (original) (Out Of Line)

EXTIZE – Hellektrostar (Trisol)

RAMMSTEIN - Pussy (radio edit) (Vagrant)

KILOWATTS & VANEK - After you (Dependent)

KILOWATTS & VANEK - Revolve (Dependent)

NOBLESSE OBLIGE – Caligula (Repo Records)

NOBLESSE OBLIGE – Duel (Mark Reeder Remix) (Repo Records)

TENEK – I don’t cry for you (Toffeetones)

TENEK – State of mind (Toffeetones)

URCEUS EXIT - My reward (Art Of Fact)

URCEUS EXIT - Pretend (Art Of Fact)

NOVAKILL – Demonizer (Repo Records)

NOVAKILL – Mistaken for God (Repo Records)

XENTRIFUGE - Black horizon (NoiTekk)

XENTRIFUGE - Immune (NoiTekk)

ANGELSPIT - Making money (Black Pill Red Pill/ Metropolis)

ANGELSPIT - Ditch the rest (Black Pill Red Pill/ Metropolis)