playlist 7.9.2011.

HURTS – Wonderful life (Sony)

HURTS - Blood, tears & gold (Sony)

THE HUMAN LEAGUE - Don't you want me (Virgin)

THE HUMAN LEAGUE - Love action (I believe in love) (Virgin)

JEAN-MICHEL JARRE - Oxygene (Part 2) (Disques Dreyfus)

JEAN-MICHEL JARRE - Zoolookologie (Disques Dreyfus)

VNV NATION – Control (Anachron Sounds)

JANES ADDICTION - Irresistable force (Mindless Faith remix) (competition track)

PLAINVEIL – Anyway (Plainveil)


THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE - Shallow grave (Assamblage 23 Mix) (Out Of Line)

COMPACT SPACE – Red alert (Ferryhouse Prod.)

COMPACT SPACE - Lonely star (Ferryhouse Prod.)

CIEL - In your eyes (WIP mix-instrumental (demo)

VOID.INJECT - Deflektor - album mix (demo)

UNITARY - Cold (Infacted)

UNITARY - Zenith (Infacted)


PROJECT PITCHFORK - Freeze in silence (Trisol)

IMPERATIVE REACTION – Surface (club version) (Metropolis)

IMPERATIVE REACTION - Siphon (Metropolis)

DIARY OF DREAMS - Undividable (Accession)

HEAD-LESS - Punish your head (Danse Macabre)

HEAD-LESS - We stand in hope (Danse Macabre)

playlist 14.9.2011.

THE HUMAN LEAGUE - The Lebanon (Virgin)

THE HUMAN LEAGUE - Human (Virgin)

HURTS – Sunday (Sony)

HURTS – Unspoken (Sony)

JEAN-MICHEL JARRE - Aero (Disques Dreyfus)

JEAN-MICHEL JARRE - Equinoxe 3 (Disques Dreyfus)

MIRRORS - Look at me (Skint)

MIRRORS - Into the heart (Skint)

TENEK - Elusive (radio edit) (Toffeetones)

TENEK - What do you want (Toffeetones)

THE ANIX – Glass (Cleopatra)

THE ANIX - Sleepwalker (Cleopatra)

VNV NATION – Control (Anachron Sounds)

LOWE – Breathe in breathe out (Megahype)

LOWE – Mirage (Megahype)

CODE 64 – Deviant (Parralox remix) (Progress Productions)

CHILDREN WITHIN - Spotlight (bright light) (Progress Productions)

CHILDREN WITHIN - My thoughts belong to no one (Progress Productions)

COMPACT SPACE – Push push (Ferryhouse)

COMPACT SPACE – Reverse Happiness (Ferryhouse)

DIGITAL FACTOR – I have to hit you (Black Rain)

DIGITAL FACTOR – You're going down (Black Rain)

VOID.INJECT - Life Transfusion (instrumental mix) (demo)

TRAKKTOR – Soothsayer (Katyusha)

TRAKKTOR – Thirteenth order (Katyusha)



playlist 21.9.2011.

JEAN-MICHEL JARRE - Rendez-Vous 4 (live) (Disques Dreyfus)

JEAN-MICHEL JARRE - Aerology remix (live) (Disques Dreyfus)

HURTS – Illuminated (Sony)

HURTS - Evelyn (Sony)

THE HUMAN LEAGUE - Bein boiled (Virgin)

THE HUMAN LEAGUE - Louise (Virgin)

VNV NATION - Space and time (Anachron Sounds)

VNV NATION - Resolution (Anachron Sounds)

AUTODAFEH – Heaven screams (Scanner)

AUTODAFEH – Killers (Scanner)

PAKT – Freiheit (Out Of Line)

THE ANIX – Glass (Tommie Sunshine remix) (Cleopatra)

THE ANIX - Cry little sister (Cleopatra)

THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE - Control (Tweaker mix) (Out Of Line)

CHILDREN WITHIN - Spotlight (redirect fiberpunk) (Progress Productions)

CODE 64 – Deviant (SPARK remix) (Progress Productions)

LOWE - Adorable (Megahype)

LOWE - Alone in the dark (Megahype)

KIRLIAN CAMERA - Nightglory (Out Of Line)

KIRLIAN CAMERA - After winter 2011 (Out Of Line)

JAEGER 90 - Ein neuer tanz (Out Of Line)

JAEGER 90 - Ich schwitze (Out Of Line)

SANTA HATES YOU - Raise the devil (Trisol)

ENGELSSTAUB - Carpe noctem (Musique Independante Noire)

playlist 28.9.2011.

JEAN-MICHEL JARRE - Equinoxe (Part 3) (Disques Dreyfus)

JEAN-MICHEL JARRE - Oxygene (Part 6) (Disques Dreyfus)

THE HUMAN LEAGUE - Don't You Want Me (Virgin)

THE HUMAN LEAGUE - Night people (Wall of sound)

HURTS - Silver lining (Sony)

HURTS - Devotion (Sony)

DANIEL MAJCEN – Safe (demo)

HOW CONVINIENT - Time is on my side (Home Made Electronica)

HOW CONVINIENT- Crushing ego's since 1984 (Home Made Electronica)


VNV NATION – Gratitude (Anachron Sounds)

VNV NATION - Steamline (Anachron Sounds)

THE ANIX – Sleepwalker (Invader remix) (Cleopatra)

THE ANIX - Long way out (Mozart & friends remix) (Cleopatra)

AUTODAFEH – Land of nothing (Scanner)

AUTODAFEH – Reality Shock (Scanner)

NOISUF-X - Stay still (Pro Noize)

NOISUF-X - First Time Optimistic (Pro Noize)

STRAFTANZ - Forward ever (Scanner)

STRAFTANZ - The bass below (Scanner)

DOWNLOAD – Sorcear (Metropolis)

DOWNLOAD – Starving (Metropolis)

COVENANT - Get On (Out Of Line)

SUICIDE COMMANDO - Death cures sll pain (Aesthetic Perfection rmx) (Out Of Line)