playlist 7.10.2009.

DEPECHE MODE - Peace (Hakan Lidbo remix)

PARRALOX - Hotter (Carl Phaser Radio Mix) (Conzoom)

KILOWATTS & VANEK - Fall behind (Dependent)

KILOWATTS & VANEK - Sinnerstate (Dependent)

FUTURE TRAIL - Breaking new gtround (Equinox)

FUTURE TRAIL - Landslide (feat. Dirk Ivens) (Equinox)

DUPONT – New dawn (Titans emix) (Progress Productions)

IAMX - Nature of Inviting (61 Seconds)

IAMX - The great shipwreck of life (61 Seconds)

INFORMATIK – A Matter Of Time (Stadium Mix) (Dependent)

INFORMATIK – Falling (Dependent)

URCEUS EXIT - Drifting (Art Of Fact)

URCEUS EXIT - The worst that we've become (Art Of Fact)

INDEX AI – Dies irea (Aural SX)

INDEX AI – Gleam (Aural SX)

TELEPHERIQ CHAMBERLAIN - Porsche vocoder (Aural SX)

SONIK FOUNDRY – Mechanized (Hitman)

SONIK FOUNDRY - My experiment (Hitman)

X-FUSION – Leave no seed (Scanner)

X-FUSION – Ultima ratio (Scanner)

THE DIELECTRIC – Exteria (7inch edit) (Urbcom)

THE DIELECTRIC – Directiv (Urbcom)

JONTEKNIK – Time (Neon Multimedia remix) (Jonteknik)

JONTEKNIK – The space beneath your (Elektrolad extended remix) (Jonteknik)


playlist 14.10.2009.

PARRALOX – Hotter (Carl Phaser radio mix) (Conzoom)

PARRALOX – Don't talk about love (RnR remix) (Conzoom)

DEPECHE MODE - Peace (Funker Vogt remix)

TENEK – Less is more (Toffeetones)

TENEK – Wheres the time (Toffeetones)

DUPONT – New dawn (Oscar Holter remix) (Progress Productions)

INFORMATIK – Entropy (More Cowbell mix) (Dependent)

INFORMATIK – Temporary (The Synthetic Dream Foundation mix) (Dependent)

CESIUM 137 – Firewalker (Metropolis)

CESIUM 137 - The lost (Metropolis)

EUROCIDE – Fallen nations (Remote Music)

EUROCIDE – Inside our fate (Remote Music)

FUTURE TRAIL - Patience (Equinoxe)

FUTURE TRAIL - Players (Equinoxe)

ZOMBIE GIRL - Halloween 2009 (Alfa Matrix)

V01d – Weakener (Weaken Her ft. Ayria) (Art Of Fact)

RABIA SORDA – Mirrors and knives (Out Of Line)

RABIA SORDA – Nme (Out Of Line)

BANCO DE GAIA - Echoes (Gecko)

MOLDER - Dubber 3 (demo)

playlist 21.10.2009.

NITZER EBB - Control I'm here (Mute)

NITZER EBB - Lightning man (Mute)

COMPACT SPACE – Push push (iTunes)

ASSEMBLAGE 23 – Spark (Accesion)

ASSEMBLAGE 23 – Collapse (Accesion)

ASSEMBLAGE 23 – Leave this all behind (Accesion)

DIARY OF DREAMS - King of nowhere (desert mix) (Accession)

KRAFTWERK - Spacelab (Mute)

KRAFTWERK - Radioactivity (Mute)

MESH - If we stay here (Dependent)

MESH - Is it so hard (Dependent)

ROTERSAND - Waiting to be born (Trisol)

ROTERSAND - Speak to me (Trisol)

SITD – Catharsis (heal me, control me) (Accession)

SITD – Redemption (Accession)

PARRALOX – Hotter (extended mix) (Conzoom)

PARRALOX – I am human (Manendra remix) (Conzoom)

KITE – Cannonballs (Progress Productions)

KITE – Looking for us (Progress Productions)

MOMMY HURT MY HEAD - Darkest wrong (Progress Productions)

MOMMY HURT MY HEAD - Grey demise (Progress Productions)

playlist 28.10.2009.

KRAFTWERK - Europe endless (Mute)

ZOMBIE GIRL - Halloween 2009 (Alfa Matrix)

ROTERSAND - War on error (Trisol)

ROTERSAND - A number and a name (Trisol)

ROTERSAND - Beneath the stars (Trisol)

MESH - Only better (Dependent)

MESH - How long (Dependent)

MESH - It’s gone (Dependent)

ASSEMBLAGE 23 – Greed (Accession)

ASSEMBLAGE 23 – Smoke (Accession)

ASSEMBLAGE 23 – The poison moon (Accession)

APOPTYGMA BERZERK – Green queen (GUN Records)

DIARY OF DREAMS - King of nowhere (club mix) (Acession)

PARRALOX – Hotter (hey in the limo remix) (Conzoom)

PARRALOX – I am human (talion law remix) (Conzoom)

SITD – Stigmata of Jesus (Accession)

SITD – Zodiac (Accession)

A SPELL INSIDE - Reality RMX (Black Rain)

LEAETHER STRIP - Help can't wait (Black Rain)

E-CRAFT - Revolts blood v2 (floor remix 2009) (Black Rain)

VOMITO NEGRO - Stay alive (2k9) (Black Rain)

OBSCENITY TRIAL – Shadows (Remote Music)

OBSCENITY TRIAL – Wrong place wrong time (Remote Music)

MOMMY HURT MY HEAD - Shellshock (Progress Productions)