playlist 6.10.2010.

APOPTYGMA BERZERK - Eclipse (live) (2006/Hard:Drive)

APOPTYGMA BERZERK - Until the end of the world (live) (2006/Hard:Drive)

FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Attack the masses (Dependent)

FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Day of Violence (Dependent)

MIND.IN.A.BOX - 8 bits (Dependent)

MIND.IN.A.BOX - Last Ninja 3 (Dependent)

PORTION CONTROL - Taunt (Sigsaly Transmissions)

PORTION CONTROL - Chrome teeth (Sigsaly Transmissions)

KMFDM - Megalomaniac (single mix edit) (Metropolis)

KMFDM - Split (12" mix edit) (Metropolis)

FUNKER VOGT - Black waters (Synthetic Symphony)

FUNKER VOGT - The state within (Synthetic Symphony)

HALO IN REVERSE - Pop icon puppets (Alfa Matrix)

HALO IN REVERSE - Sweetest honey (Alfa Matrix)

LOST SIGNAL - Oblivion (23 db)

LOST SIGNAL - What lies beyond (23 db)

COMBICHRIST - Reclamation (Out Of Line)

COMBICHRIST - Just like me (Out Of Line)

IRIS - Prophetic (Infacted)

IRIS - Xwires (Infacted)

EXAMINE - Major minor (Manual Music)

EXAMINE - Sexy character in my life show (Manual Music)



playlist 13.10.2010.

FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Angriff (Dependent)

FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Provision (Wax Trax)

MIND.IN.A.BOX - Tape evidence (Dependent)

MIND.IN.A.BOX - Certainty (Dependent)

YAZOO - Don't go (live) (Mute)

YAZOO - Situation (live) (Mute)

HOCICO - Kiss of the apocalypse (Out Of Line)

HOCICO - Not human (Out Of Line)

HOCICO - Tiempos de furia (Out Of Line)

FUNKER VOGT - Fire and forget (Synthetic Symphony)

FUNKER VOGT - Hold my ground (Synthetic Symphony)

CULTURE KULTUR - Blind man (Caustic)

CULTURE KULTUR - Toxic pulse (Caustic)

REIZSTORM - Paralyzed (Reizstorm)

REIZSTORM - Killed in action (Reizstorm)

I BLAME COCO - Ceasar (Island)

I BLAME COCO - In spirit golden (Island)

KMFDM - More & Faster (12" mix) (Metropolis)

KMFDM - Power (single mix edit) (Metropolis)

PSYCHE - Eye Of The Hurricane (The Phantom Skies Remix) (Art Of Fact)

PSYCHE - The Crawler (Dead When I Found Her remix) (Art Of Fact)

MORTIIS - Thieving bastards (free download)

MORTIIS - Perfectly defect (free download)



playlist 20.10.2010.

APOPTYGMA BERZERK - In this together (live) (2006 Records/Hard:Drive)

APOPTYGMA BERZERK - You keep me from breaking apart (live) (2006 Records/Hard:Drive)

EDGE OF DAWN - Stage fright (Steril remix) (Dependent)

EDGE OF DAWN - Capsized (Cryo remix) (Dependent)

FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Angriff ( remix) (Dependent)

FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Der Angriff (Skold Mix) (Dependent)

ROTERSAND - First time (club re-work) (Dependent)

FRACTURED - Dig (Dependent)

HOCICO - A call for destruction (Out Of Line)

HOCICO - Altered states (Out Of Line)

CULTURE KULTUR - Unforgiven (Caustic)

CULTURE KULTUR - I found you (Caustic)

COMBICHRIST - Throat full of glass (Out Of Line)

YAZOO - Nobody's diary (live) (Mute)

YAZOO - Only you (live) (Mute)

RECOIL - Want (Architect Steppa) (Mute)

RECOIL - Want (Low Tech Remix) (Mute)

NUDE - Let me go (Sabotage Concept)

NUDE - Panicattack (Sabotage Concept)

KMFDM - Godlike (12" mix edit) (Metropolis)

KMFDM - Naive (edit) (Metropolis)

REIZSTORM - Rotten time (Reizstorm)

REIZSTORM - Tackle (Reizstorm)



playlist 27.10.2010.

COVENANT - Lightbringer (Synthetic Symphony)

COVENANT - The beauty and the grace (rmx) (Synthetic Symphony)

RU.ARE - Saviour (Synthematik)

RU.ARE - Halo (Synthematik)

APOPTYGMA BERZERK - Starsign (live) (2006 Records/Hard:Drive)

APOPTYGMA BERZERK - Non-stop violence (live) (2006 Records/Hard:Drive)

COMBICHRIST - Fuckmachine (Out Of Line)

DESTROID - Lucretia my reflection (Dark Dimension)

CELL 7 - Losing my religion (Dependent)

NO NOT NEVER - Cold hearted (Dependent)

Blacktzar - How does it feel (Blacktzar/VoxPopulus)

CULTURE KULTUR - Drum machine (Caustic)

CULTURE KULTUR - Toxic pulse (Caustic)

DEINE LAKAINE - Gone (Chrom)

MELT - Broken (free download)

HOCICO - Twist the thorn (Out Of Line)

HOCICO - Where words fail, hate speaks (Out Of Line)

SYSTEMSHOCK - Right now (Synthematik)

SYSTEMSHOCK - Without you (Synthematik)

ALPHA POINT - High like the angels (Synthematik)

ALPHA POINT - Gods anger (Synthematik)

POSITIVE CONTACT - 1972 (demo)