playlist 5.10.2011.

JEAN-MICHEL JARRE - Oxygene (Part 4) (Disques Dreyfus)

JEAN-MICHEL JARRE - Teo and Tea (Disques Dreyfus)

HURTS – Sunday (glam as you radio mix) (Sony)

HURTS - Wonderful life (live) (Sony)

THE HUMAN LEAGUE - Sky (Wall of sound)

THE HUMAN LEAGUE - Open your heart (Wall of sound)

DANIEL MAJCEN - Safe (Pavao Karlovic and Ivica Petak radio mix) (demo)

<<INTERVIEW Danijel Majcen>>

DANIEL MAJCEN - Sorry (Dalyx radio mix) (demo)

DANIEL MAJCEN - Once in a lifetime (demo)

KITE – I just wanna feel (Progress Productions)

KITE – Step forward (Progress Productions)

VNV NATION – Resolution (Anachron Sounds)

VNV NATION – Nova (Anachron Sounds)

DIGITAL FACTOR - Steam (Black Rain)

<<INTERVIEW Digital Factor>> (tnx to PromoFabrik)

DIGITAL FACTOR - A force of unknown people

AUTODAFEH – Wheel Of faith (Scanner)

THE ANIX – Burn (feat. Apoptygma Berzerk) (Cleopatra)

PAKT – Freiheit (remix by Robert Goerl DAF) (Out Of Line)

playlist 12.10.2011.

HURTS – Illuminated (Sony)

HURTS – Evelyn (Sony)

NIPPLEPEOPLE – Sutra (Yammat)

THE HUMAN LEAGUE - Breaking the chains (Wall of sound)

VNV NATION - Streamline (Anachron Sounds)

VNV NATION - Graditude (Anachron Sounds)

PLAINVEIL - Humming (demo)

IMPERATIVE REACTION – Side effect (Dependent)

IMPERATIVE REACTION - What is left to say (Dependent)

BINARY PARK – Into the deep (Infacted Recordings)

BINARY PARK - She’s insane (Infacted Recordings)

APOPTYGMA BERZERK – Asleep or awake (Spektralized rmx) (Metropolis)

APOPTYGMA BERZERK – Apollo (Rotersand rework) (Metropolis)

LOWE – Live to love (Megahype)

LOWE – Half the double speed (Megahype)

KITE – Stand back (Progress Productions)

AUTODAFEH – Fuel Of fire 2011 (Scanner)

AUTODAFEH – Divided we fall 2011 (Scanner)

RESTRICTED AREA – Too much (EK Produkt)


NEUROPA - Plastique People (A Different Drum)

NEUROPA - Renaissance (A Different Drum)

ZYNIC - My personal kryptonite (Rotersand Rework) (Conzoom)

PAKT – Freiheit (gummi-drum rmx by G. Thomas of Funker Vogt) (Out Of Line)



playlist 19.10.2011.

HURTS – Better than love (Sony)

HURTS – Blood, tears & gold (Sony)

NIPPLEPEOPLE - Ne volim te (Yammat)

CRYO – Singularity (Progress Productions)

CRYO – Zero-G (Progress Productions)

DE/VISION – Twisted Story (Rob Dust remix) (Popgefahr)

TENEK – What do you want (full lenght version) ft. Chris Payne (Toffeetones)

TENEK – Higher ground (alternate version) (Toffeetones)

TORUL – In Whole (Tenek Remix) (Infacted)

VNV NATION – Control (Anachron Sounds)

APOPTYGMA BERZERK – Lowe will tear us apart (Metropolis)

APOPTYGMA BERZERK – Eclipse (OK Minus rmx) (Metropolis)

FELIX MARC – The muse (Vasi Vallis remix) (Infacted)

BINARY PARK – Keep on falling down (Infacted)

BINARY PARK – Into the deep (Liquid Divine remix) (Infacted)


IMPERATIVE REACTION - Time doesn't care (Dependent)

AUTODAFEH – Promises (Scanner)

AUTODAFEH – Treasure hunt (Scanner)

32CRASH - Into the hole (Alfa Matrix)

32CRASH - Neighbours (Alfa Matrix)

CONJURE ONE – Like ice (Rampue remix) (Nettwerk)

ZYNIC - My personal kryptonite (Mesh Remix) (Conzoom)

NEUROPA - Feel the same (A Different Drum)