playlist 4.11.2009.

KRAFTWERK - Techno pop (Mute)

KRAFTWERK - Music non stop (Mute)

KRAFTWERK - Computer world (Mute)

KRAFTWERK - Computer love (Mute)

KRAFTWERK - Radioacitvity (Mute)

ASSEMBLAGE 23 – Alive (Accession)

ASSEMBLAGE 23 – How can you sleep (Accession)

ROTERSAND - A million worlds to lose (Trisol)

ROTERSAND - If you don't stop it (Trisol)

SITD – Pride (Accession)

SITD – Frontal (Accession)

DIARY OF DREAMS - King of nowhere (phonecall from nowhere mix) (Acession)

MESH - Everything I made (Dependent)

MESH - Hold it togethe (Dependent)

PROJECT PITCHFORK - Feel (Eternal Afflict Remix) (Black Rain)

PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE - Too Close (Counterfeit Remix) (Black Rain)

FUTURE TRAIL - Patience (Black Rain)

MIND.AREA - Sap (Black Rain)

LEAETHER STRIP - battleground (Dessau edit) (Black Rain)

PRAGER HANDGRIFF - Der aufschwung (burn out mix) (Black Rain)

IONIC VISION - Insects (bug me not) (Black Rain)


playlist 11.11.2009.

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE – My dyspair (Clubmix) (Minuswelt)

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE – Constant flow (Minuswelt)

EDGE OF DAWN - Stage fright (Dependent)

VELVET ACID CHRIST - Black rainbows (Dependent)

NECROFACITITY - Do you feel the same (Dependent)

ASSEMBLAGE 23 – The cruelest year (Accession)

ASSEMBLAGE 23 – Angels & demons (Accession)

MESH - Hope dreams (Dependent)

MESH - Only better (Dependent)

FADERHEAD - Horizon born (L-Tracks)

KRAFTWERK - The robots (Mute)

KRAFTWERK - Radioactivity (Mute)

KRAFTWERK - Home computer (Mute)

KRAFTWERK - Tour de France Etape 1 (Mute)

KRAFTWERK - Aero dynamik (Mute)

SITD – Rot (remix by Reaper) (Accession)

SITD – Redemption (remix by Project Pitchfork) (Accession)

SININE – Empty me of emptiness (Accession)

SININE – Our green (Accession)

XP8 – Want it (Infacted)

X-FUSION – Ultima ratio (Dark Dimensions)

playlist 18.11.2009.

DELERIUM ft. Kreesha Turner - Dust in gravity (Nettwerk)

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE – My dyspair (Sono remix) (Minuswelt)

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE – Feeling (Minuswelt)

ASSEMBLAGE 23 – Spark (Accession)

NON PLUS ULTRA - Free falling (Dependent)

GHOST & WRITER – Nightshift (Dependent)

ENCEPHALON - Scar on scar (Dependent)

AIR – Heaven's light (EMI)

AIR – Missing the light Of the day (EMI)

FADERHEAD - Taking pain in large doses (L-Tracks)

NETWORK - Automatique l.o.v.e (Timezone)

NETWORK - Mr. president (Timezone)

NETWORK - Tonight (Timezone)

SITD – Rot (remix by Aesthetic Perfection) (Accession)

SITD – MK ultra (Accession)

HATBROTT – Krv (Hatbrott)

HATBROTT – Your god is dead (Hatbrott)

HATBROTT – He's a whore (Hatbrott)

LIQUID DIVINE – Fallen men (Infacted)

LIQUID DIVINE – Planet zoo (Infacted)

LYRONIAN – Matthew the clown (Deep Symmetry)

LYRONIAN – Inferno (Deep Symmetry)

ENDLESS SHAME – Pure (A Different Drum)

ENDLESS SHAME – Jerico (A Different Drum)

ENDLESS SHAME – Holy ground (A Different Drum)



playlist 25.11.2009.

PARRALOX – Beautiful world (Conzoom)

PARRALOX – Isn't it strange (Conzoom)

MESH – Her needs (Memento Materia)

MESH – You didn't want me (Memento Materia)

MESH - It scares me (Memento Materia)

MESH - Not prepared (Memento Materia)

MESH - People like me (With this gun) (Memento Materia)

MESH - Friends like these (Home)

MESH - Leave you nothing (Home)

MESH - Crash (Koenigskinder)

MESH - My Hands Are Tied (Koenigskinder)


MESH – Only better (Dependent)

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE – My dyspair (single version) (Minuswelt)

BEATS PER MINUTE - You stand to gain (Extended) (Conzoom)

DKDENT - Ready to explode (Extended) (Conzoom)

JUNK CIRCUIT - The devil wears a crown (Extended) (Conzoom)