playlist 3.11.2010.

COVENANT - Lightbringer (speedrum) (Synthetic Symphony)

COVENANT - Never seem to end (unreleased) (Synthetic Symphony)

EDGE OF DAWN - Stage fright (Splitter remix) (Dependent)

DELERIUM - Silence (acoustic) (ft. Sarah McLachlan) (Nettwerk)

DELERIUM - Flowers Become Screens (acoustic) (ft. Kristy Thirsk) (Nettwerk)

DELERIUM - Lost And Found (acoustic) (ft. Jael) (Nettwerk)

CONJURE ONE - I dream in colour (Nettwerk)

CONJURE ONE - Like ice (Nettwerk)

CONJURE ONE - Oligarch (Nettwerk)

PAIL - Silence (Septic edit) (Dependent)

CRYO - Hit me once (Afraid of the mix) (Dependent)

MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE - Never wanted to dance (Combichrist electro hurtz mix) (Dependent)

PARRALOX - Don't listen to me (Conzoom/Metropolis)

RU.ARE - Wings (Synthematik)

RU.ARE - Brilliant of night (Synthematik)

JUNKIE XL FT. JAN HAMMER - Made for each other (single edit) (Nettwerk)

JUNKIE XL - Heart of darkness (Nettwerk)

RECOIL - Want (Renegade Of Noise 808 remix) (Mute)

FADERHEAD - Baby firefly (L-Tracks)

FADERHEAD - Escape from the machine (L-Tracks)

MASSIV IN MENSCH - Radical/Relevant (Touched by Stahlnebel & Black Selket) (Art Of Fact)

POSITIVE CONTACT - 1975 (demo)



playlist 10.11.2010.

ROTERSAND - Waiting to be born (rework) (Trisol)

ROTERSAND - All these moments (Trisol)

COVENANT - Lightbringer (dm remix) (Synthetic Symphony)

PARRALOX - Ancient times (Conzoom)

PARRALOX - Promised land (Conzoom)

APOPTYMA BERZERK - Shine on (live) (2006 Records/Hard:Drive)

APOPTYMA BERZERK - Asleep or awake (live) (2006 Records/Hard:Drive)

SPEKTRALIZED - Destructor (Spektralized)

SPEKTRALIZED - Turn the stone (Spektralized)

JANOSCH MOLDAU - Into this life (Conzoom)

JANOSCH MOLDAU - Second best (Conzoom)

JONTEKNIK FT. BLUE-JEAN MUIR - Hollow (Mastermix) (Jonteknik)

JUNKIE XL FT. JAN HAMMER - Made for each other (Nettwerk)

MONEYPENNY - Destroy (extended DJ Edit) (Conzoom)

DAYBEHAVIOR - No more minutes (extended version) (Conzoom)

RU.ARE - Far from love (Synthematik)

RU.ARE - My lunacy (Synthematik)

CONJURE ONE - Run for cove (Nettwerk)

CONJURE ONE - Places that don't exist (Nettwerk)

DELERIUM - Send me an angel (previously unreleased) (Nettwerk)

DELERIUM - Vienna (previously unreleased) (Nettwerk)

SOUNDA - Lepidoptera (ambient) (Sounda)

SOUNDA - The iron gate to my heart (Sounda)


playlist 17.11.2010.

JOHANN JOHANNSSON - The sun's gone dim and the sky's turned black (4AD)

COMBICHRIST - Never surrender (Out Of Line)

COMBICHRIST -Just like me (Out Of Line)

interview - Catalyst Infection

COMBICHRIST - Throat full of glass (Out Of Line)

AESTHETIC PERFECTION - The devil’s in the details (free download)

SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS - Glory & honour (15th anniversary mix) (Out Of Line)

SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS - Watching over you (Dance or die rmx) (Out Of Line)

SPEKTRALIZED - Fire (Spektralized)

SPEKTRALIZED - Within all (Spektralized)

ROTERSAND - A strange kind of love (Trisol)

ROTERSAND - War on Error (Ivardensphere Remix) (Trisol)

TENEK - Blinded by you (Toffeetones)

TENEK - No Time For Fighting (Toffeetones)

PET SHOP BOYS - Together (Pepptalk Mix) (Parlaphone)

PARRALOX - I sing the body electric (Conzoom)

PARRALOX - Don't listen to me (Conzoom)

DEVIANTUK – Wreckhead (Remote Music)

DEVIANTUK - Maid of plastic (on your TV mix by 19NinetyNine) (Remote Music)

CONJURE ONE - Zephyr (Nettwerk)

CONJURE ONE - Nomadic code (Nettwerk)

SOUNDA - So you think you can fly I dare you (Sounda)



playlist 24.11.2010.

DEPECHE MODE - Wrong (live) (Mute)

DEPECHE MODE - Walking in my shoes (live) (Mute)

DEPECHE MODE - A question of time (live) (Mute)

HUMAN LEAGUE – Night people (Wall Of Sound)

ALPHAVILLE - End of the world (Universal)

ALPHAVILLE - Call me down (Universal)

COMBICHRIST - Slave to machine (Out Of Line)

COMBICHRIST - They (Out Of Line)

COVENANT – Lightbringer (Synthetic Symphony)

ROTERSAND - Waiting to be born (rework) (Trisol)

REAPER - Dirty cash (ft. Pete Crane SHIV-R) (Infacted)

DUPONT - Dope of love (2010.) (Progress Productions)

SPEKTRALIZED - The end will fall (Spektralized)

SPEKTRALIZED - Special feeling (Spektralized)

LAIDBACK - Cocaine cool (Brother Music)

TENEK - The grid (Toffeetones)

TENEK - On the wire (Toffeetones)

NEUROPA - Plastique people (extended mix) (Conzoom)

COLOURED TEARS - Loneliness (extended) (Conzoom)


FORMALIN – My fetish (Out of line)

FORMALIN – Deliverance (Out of line)

INERETIA - Capture (Cryonica)