playlist 2.11.2011.

THE HUMAN LEAGUE - (Keep Feeling) Fascination (Virgin)
THE HUMAN LEAGUE - Being Boiled (Virgin)
TORUL – In whole (Noir Frais remix) (Infacted)
TORUL – Show me your city (Infacted)
CRYO – Escape velocity (Progress Productions)
CRYO – First light (Progress Productions)
TENEK – Elusive (full lenght version) (Toffeetones)
TENEK - The art of evasion (alternate version) (Toffeetones)
DE/VISION – Mandroids (T.O.Y. remix) (Popgefahr)
DE/VISION - Rage (Mesh/Tantrum mix) (Popgefahr)
DANIEL MAJCEN - Love will tear us apart (demo)
FELIX MARC – The muse (Torul remix) (Infacted)
CONJURE ONE – Like ice Marcus Schossow edit) (Nettwerk)
PANKOW – Kunst und wahnsinn (the 3rd remix) (Infacted)
PANKOW - Sickness taking over (sick version) (Infacted)
SKINNY PUPPY – Village (Synthetic Symphony)
SKINNY PUPPY - Cullorblind (Synthetic Symphony)
LORDS OF ACID - Little mighty rabbit (Metropolis)
LORDS OF ACID - Drowning in ecstasy (Metropolis)
SYSTEM SYN – Confession (Metropolis)
SYSTEM SYN – God Damn (Metropolis)
ALTER DER RUINE – Ghosts (Negative Gain)
ALTER DER RUINE - Boozetooth (Negative Gain)


playlist 9.11.2011.

THE HUMAN LEAGUE - Don't you want me (Virgin)
HURTS – Happiness (Sony)
HURTS - Affair (Sony)
MIRACLE – Good love (House Anxiety)
ACRETONGUE - Origin (Dependent/Art Of Fact)
ACRETONGUE - Unspoken (Dependent/Art Of Fact)
ENCEPHALON – Daylight (Dependent/Metropolis)
ENCEPHALON – Garden (Dependent/Metropolis)
CRYO – Event horizon (Progress Productions)
CRYO – Zero-G (Progress Productions)
TORUL – In whole (Tenek remix) (Infacted)
A;GRUMH – Danger zone (Infacted)
A;GRUMH – Drama in the subway (Infacted)
DE/VISION - Heart shaped tumor (Naweed Mix) (Naweed)
DEPECHE MODE - World in my eyes (Naweed Mix) (Naweed)
GOD MODULE - Plastic (Out Of Line)
GOD MODULE - Into the outside (Out Of Line)
ARZT+PFUSCH - Fall of an empire (Complete Control Productions)
ARZT+PFUSCH - Supreme (Complete Control Productions)
SKOLD - Tonight (Pull Out Kings remix) (Metropolis)
THE BREAK UP - Lightning (Metropolis)


playlist 16.11.2011.

VNV NATION – Nova (Anachron Sounds)
VNV NATION - Gratitude (Anachron Sounds)
DEPECHE MODE - Halo (extended Naweed mix) (Naweed)
CRYO – Singularity (Progress Productions)
MIRACLE – Wild Nights (House Anxiety)
TORUL – In Whole (Qualiass Stomp Remix) (Infacted)
DE/VISION - Twisted story (Rob Dust remix)
ACRETONGUE – Dragonfly (Dependent/Art Of Fact)
ACRETONGUE - Riven (Dependent/Art Of Fact)
AESTHETIC PERFECTION – Inhuman (Combichrist remix) (Out Of Line)
IMPERATIVE REACTION – Torture (Dependent)
IMPERATIVE REACTION – Surface (Dependent)
LORDS OF ACID - Little Mighty Rabbit (Suburban Secrets Mix by 3KSTATIC) (Metropolis)
GARY NUMAN - Dead sun rising (Mortal)
GARY NUMAN - When the sky bleeds, he will come (Mortal)
ENCEPHALON – The transhuman condition (Dependent)
HAUJOBB - Let´s drop bombs (Tympanik)
HAUJOBB - New world march (Tympanik)
GOD MODULE – Doppelganger (Out Of Line)
GOD MODULE – M.D.K. (Out Of Line)
NOISUF-X - Clubhit (Pro Noize)


playlist 23.11.2011.

HURTS – Mother nature (Sony)
HURTS - Confide in me (Live Studio Version) (Sony)
THE STONE ROSES - I wanna be adored (Trentemoller remix)
HENRIC DE LA COUR - Dracula (Progress Productions)
HENRIC DE LA COUR - My machine (Progress Productions)
ACRETONGUE - Oblivion (Dependent)
ACRETONGUE - Orphans affinity (Dependent)
ENCEPHALON – Face first (Dependent)
ENCEPHALON – Past the grave (Dependent)
HAUJOBB - Machine drum (Tympanik)
HAUJOBB - Little world (Binary Park remix) (Tympanik)
SKINNY PUPPY - Village (Synthetic Symphony)
AESTHETIC PERFECTION – Inhuman (Imperative Reaction Remix) (Out Of Line)
SLOVE – Flash (Pschent)
SLOVE - Do we need? (Pschent)
SITD - Code-Red (Accesion)
SITD - State of tyranny (Accesion)
RE:/LEGION – War of Babylon (E-Noxe)
THE BREAK UP - Ninja (Metropolis)
THE BREAK UP - Come undone (Metropolis)
DE/VISION - Plastic heart (Slave Republic remix) (Popgefahr)
DE/VISION - Ready to die (Strong Force remix) (Popgefahr)
ARZT+PFUSCH - Subzero penalty (Complete Control Productions)



playlist 30.11.2011.

CLICK CLICK - Rats in my bed (Dependent)
CLICK CLICK - Left for dead (Dependent)
HENRIC DE LA COUR - 80s (Progress Productions)
HENRIC DE LA COUR - Gothic (Progress Productions)
NORTHERN LITE - Black day (Una Music)
NORTHERN LITE - One soul to sell (Una Music)
JACQUES C - I believe in love (Jacques C.)
HAUJOBB - Lets drop bombs (Dupont remix) (Tympanik)
HAUJOBB - Membrane (Acretongue remix) (Tympanik)
ACRETONGUE – Flowers in the attic (Dependent)
ACRETONGUE – These soft machines (Dependent
ENCEPHALON – Human shield (Dependent)
ENCEPHALON - Scar on scar on scar (Dependent)
WILLIAM CONTROL - New world order (A new kind of faith) (Victory)
PATENBRIGADE WOLFF - Schallplattenunterhalter (Zweieck)
PATENBRIGADE WOLFF - Tanzveranstaltung (Zweieck)
SITD – Sonic barrier (Accesion)
SITD - Snuff machinery (Extended) (Accesion)
RE:/LEGION – Sentinel (E-Noxe)
RE:/LEGION – Zombeat (E-Noxe)
THE BREAK UP - Your dark brown eyes (Metropolis)
THE BREAK UP - The sun (Metropolis)