playlist 1.12.2010.

DEPECHE MODE - It's no good (live) (Mute)

DEPECHE MODE - Policy of truth (live) (Mute)

HURTS – Stay (Temper Trap remix) (Sony)

HURTS - Confide in me (Sony)

NINE INCH NAILS – Down in it (Null Corporation)

NINE INCH NAILS - Head like a hole (Null Corporation)

COMBICHRIST - Fuckmachine (Out Of Line)

COMBICHRIST - Reclamation (Out Of Line)

SYSTEM - Pitch Black (Progress Productions)

IMPERATIVE REACTION - Without (Dependent)

FRACTURED - Dig (Dependent)

DIE KRUPPS - Beyond (Synthetic Symphony)

DIE KRUPPS - Dr. Mabuse (Synthetic Symphony)

SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS - Take heart revolt ft. Sinessence (Out Of Line)

SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS - This is the end ft. E-Craft (Out Of Line)

DEPECHE MODE - Stripped funk (architect mash) (dmyer)

DEPECHE MODE - Behind the wheel (Myer mix for Daniel B) (dmyer)

NITZER EBB - Shout (Daniel Myer remix) (dmyer)

ARCHITECT - Attack ships on fire (dmyer)

ANGELZOOM - The things you said (club mix) (Wannsee)

REAPER - Dirty cash (Dirty cash (rock me amadeus) (Infacted)

ALPHAVILLE - Carry your flag (Universal)

ALPHAVILLE - Gravitation breakdown (Universal)



playlist 8.12.2010.

DAFT PUNK – The grid (Walt Disney Rec.)

DAFT PUNK – End of line (Walt Disney Rec.)

DAFT PUNK – Tron legacy (end titles) (Walt Disney Rec.)

EDGE OF DAWN - Lucid dreams (Standeg remix) (Dependent)

EDGE OF DAWN - Up (A Cold Case) (Dependent)

NINE INCH NAILS – Terrible lie (Null Corporation)

NINE INCH NAILS – Sin (Null Corporation)

ENCEPHALON – Daylight (Synthetic Symphony)

SKOLD VS. KMFDM – Error 405 (Synthetic Symphony)

AMGOD – Pain and desire (Synthetic Symphony)

SUICIDE COMMANDO - Death cures all pain (SITD Remix) (Out Of Line)

SUICIDE COMMANDO - God is in the rain (ADVENT RESILIENCE remix) (Out Of Line)

DIE KRUPPS - Die macht (Synthetic Symphony)

DIE KRUPPS - The chameleon man (Synthetic Symphony)

F.O.D. - Dirty pop(Fear Section)

F.O.D. - Burnout (Fear Section)

DAYBEHAVIOR - It's a game (aybehavior)

INERTIA – Deworld (Cryonica)

INERTIA – Feed (Cryonica)

HEADDREAMER – City of Dust (Miktek remix) (

HEADDREAMER - Colder (Structural Fault remix) (

KILLEDBYCANDY – Tanz Den Weihnachtsmann (Black Rain)

ELECTROXCENTRIC – Santa Baby (Black Rain)

SPECTRA PARIS – Movie ghouls (Out Of Line)

SPECTRA PARIS – Time behind the clock (Out Of Line)



playlist 15.12.2010.

EDGE OF DAWN - Stage fright (Splitter remix) (Dependent)

EDGE OF DAWN - In your sleep (Renegade Of Noise remix) (Dependent)

COVENANT - Lightbringer (Speedrun II remix) (Synthetic Symphony)

KMFDM – Bait & switch (Synthetic Symphony)

LEAETHER STRIP - Dark passages (extended) (Synthetic Symphony)

NINE INCH NAILS – That's what I get (Null Corporation)

NINE INCH NAILS – Ringfinger (Null Corporation)

SUICIDE COMMANDO - Death cures all pain (AESTHETIC PERFECTION remix) (Out Of Line)

SUICIDE COMMANDO - The perils of indifference (STAHLNEBEL vs BLACK SELKET remix) (Out Of Line)

MORTIIS - Closer to the end (free download)

ARMAGEDDON DILDOS – Untergrund (Alfa Matrix)

KOMOR KOMMANDO - Rhythm machine (Alfa Matrix)

MALAKWA - - Monster (Alfa Matrix)

PSYAVIAH - Into the game (feat. Ayria) (Signal Aout 42 remix) (Alfa Matrix)

STUDIO-X - You'll never get this (Alfa Matrix)

DEVIANT UK – You know my name (Remote Music)

DEVIANT UK - Find me (Remote Music)

DAYBEHAVIOR - It's a game (Parralox remix) (Daybehavior)

DIE KRUPPS - Beyond (Unheilig remix) (Synthetic Symphony)

DIE KRUPPS - The chameleon man (Vigilante remix) (Synthetic Symphony)

F.O.D. – Distance (Fear Section)

F.O.D. - I know (Fear Section)

HEADDREAMER – City of Dust (Jihad remix) (



playlist 22.12.2010.

COVENANT – Judge of my domain (Synthetic Symphony)

COVENANT - Dynamo clock (Synthetic Symphony)

COVENANT - Get on (Synthetic Symphony)

THE HUMAN LEAGUE – Night people (cerrone club remix) (Wall of sound)

KMFDM – Light 2010 (Kmfdm Rec.)

KMFDM – Rebels in control (DoS Mix) (Kmfdm Rec.)

HATBROTT - Ruke (demo)

EDGE OF DAWN - Stage fright (Steril Remix) (Dependent)

EDGE OF DAWN - Capsized (Cryo Remix) (Dependent)

HOCICO - Tiempos de furia (Out Of Line)

HOCICO - Dog eat dog (Out Of Line)

DETROIT DIESEL - Lost signal (Freak Angel remix) (Synthetic Symphony)

NOISUF-X / SUICIDE COMMANDO - Jaws (Synthetic Symphony)

SUICIDE COMMANDO - Death cures all pain (suicide edit) (Out Of Line)

DEPECHE MODE – Stripped (live) (Mute)

DEPECHE MODE - Behind the wheel (live) (Mute)

DAYBEHAVIOR - It's a game (Marsheaux remix) (Daybehavior)

ROTERSAND - Waiting to be born (full version) (Trisol)

SHIV-R – Taste (Reaper remix) (Infacted)

XP8 - Out for blood (Faderhead remix) (Infacted)

BINARY PARK - Worlds collide (Infacted)

SPECTRA PARIS – Silent night (Out Of Line)




playlist 29.12.2010.

COVENANT - Worlds collide (Synthetic Symphony)

COVENANT - Beat the noise (Synthetic Symphony)

COVENANT - The night (Synthetic Symphony)

EDGE OF DAWN - Valid world (Acretongue remix) (Dependent)

EDGE OF DAWN - All the time (Urceus Exit remix) (Dependent)

OMD - Sister Marie says (Soil In The Synth remix)

THE HUMAN LEAGUE - Night people (Mylo remix) (Wall of sound)

ALPHAVILLE - I die for you today (Blank and Jones so80s extended mix) (Universal)

UNDERWORLD - Bird 1 (Cooking Vinyl)

FAITHLESS - Sun to me (PIAS)

NIKI & THE DOVE - DJ, Ease My Mind (Moshi Moshi)

NIKI & THE DOVE - Mother protect (Moshi Moshi)

TENEK - On the wire (Toffeetones)

TENEK - Loose connection (Toffeetones)

DEVIANT UK - You will burn (Remote Music)

DEVIANT UK - My black heart (Remote Music)

KMFDM - Light 2010 (Ultra-Heavy Frequency Mix) (Kmfdm Rec.)

CONCISE - Simple city (Wycombe)

CONCISE - Reflections (Wycombe)

F.O.D. - Jung und stolz (Fear Section)

F.O.D. - Distance (Fear Section)