playlist 7.12.2011.

047 – Keep it to yourself (feat. Gustaf Spetz) (Killing Music)
047 - Let you go (feat. Tomas Halberstad) (Killing Music)
VCMG – Spock (Mute)
KAVINSKY - Nightcall (feat. Lovefoxxx) (Lakeshore)
COLLEGE - A real hero (feat. Electric Youth) (Lakeshore)
FORETASTE – Superstar (Boredom)
FORETASTE – Alone with people sround (Boredom)
CELLULOIDE – Ordinosaure u-mix (Boredom)
NORTHERN LITE – Running (Una Music)
NORTHERN LITE – Raise the dead (Una Music)
HENRIC DE LA COUR – Dogs (Progress Productions)
HENRIC DE LA COUR – Sally (Progress Productions)
WILLIAM CONTROL - Disconnecting (Victory)
WILLIAM CONTROL - Love is worth dying for (Victory)
FADERHEAD - The way to fuck god (Club Edit) (L-Tracks)
CLICK CLICK - Damage (Dependent)
CLICK CLICK - Limb from limb (Dependent)
SITD – Beacon of hope (Accesion)
SITD - Atemlos (Accesion)
PSIONIC - Self revelation (Infacted)
PSIONIC - This is what we are (Infacted)
CABARET VOLTAIRE - Yashar (Insurgent Mix) Remix (Mute)


playlist 14.12.2011.

COMPACT SPACE – Who says it's real? (Ferryhouse)
GARY NUMAN - The fall (Mortal)
GARY NUMAN - We are the lost (Mortal)
VCMG – Spock (Edit Select remix) (Mute)
SLOVE – Find out (Pschent)
SLOVE - If only I had (Pschent)
ACRETONGUE – Orphan's affinity (Dependent)
ACRETONGUE – Riven (Dependent)
ENCEPHALON – Face first (Dependent)
ENCEPHALON – Mariana's trench (Dependent)
FADERHEAD - The way to fuck god (Electro Mix by XP8) (L-Tracks)
PANKOW – Kunst und wahnsin (Infacted)
HAUJOBB - Lost (Tympanik)
HAUJOBB - Crossfire (Dryft remix) (Tympanik)
FORETASTE – Today (Boredom)
FORETASTE – My greatest deception (Boredom)
SITD – Code-Red (Accesion)
SITD - Suffering in solitude (transcription) (Accesion)
PSIONIC - Self revelation (Powerbeat club remix) (Infacted)
RE:/LEGION – Wardance (E-Noxe)
RE:/LEGION – Seacret (feat. Spacygirl76) (E-Noxe)


playlist 21.12.2011.

HYPE – Do they know it’s Christmas? (Progress Productions)
CRYO - Snow (Progress Productions)
047 – Spekerod (Killing Music)
047 - Goodbye, but why (Killing Music)
PLASTIC OPERATOR – Making it right (radio edit) (Fine Day Rec)
LALO SCHIFRIN - Mission Impossible (Tiesto remix) (Varese Sarabande)
RADIO LUKSEMBURG – Tvoje boje (Mauro Enass remix) (Menart)
MOTOR FT. MARTIN GORE - Man made machine (radio version) (CLR)
CLIFF MARTINEZ - They're calling my flight (Watertower Music)
CLIFF MARTINEZ - Handshake (Watertower Music)
SUICIDAL ROMANCE - Hold me (Infacted)
PARANOID - I dominate you (Infacted)
PARANOID - Warlike (Infacted)
IC 434 – Black boy's dead (Infacted)
IC 434 - Skullwatch (Infacted)
PSIONIC - Self revelation (Shiv-r remix) (Infacted)
CLICK CLICK - Psychoplasmix (Rats in my bed remix) (Dependent)
CLICK CLICK - From your mother to the grave (Damage remix) (Dependent)
SITD – Sonic Barrier (Accesion)
SITD - Tarnfarbe (Accesion)
BABYLONIA - Catch me (video edit) (Halidon)
BABYLONIA - Ethereal connection (radio edit) (Halidon)
FORETASTE – Automatic love response (Boredom)
FORETASTE – About me (Boredom)


playlist 28.12.2011.

HOW CONVINIENT – Jahala (Home Made Electronica)
HOW CONVINIENT – Time is on my side (Home Made Electronica)
INJE – Bez protoka (
INJE - Kofein i CO2 (
LANA DEL REY - Born To Die (Gemini remix) (Polydor)
PURITY - In ur mind (Purity uk)
PURITY Not in this World (Purity uk)
SITD – Code:Red (Accesion)
BINARY PARK – The deviated (Infacted)
BABYLONIA - A spreading infection (Halidon)
BABYLONIA - Better days (Halidon)
VOID.INJECT - What's inside me (demo)
VOID.INJECT - Deflektor (demo)
PARANOID - I dominate you (Synthetic sx mix) (Infacted)
PARANOID - Strain (Infacted)
SUICIDAL ROMANCE - Ecstatic feat. Felix Marc (Infacted)
SUICIDAL ROMANCE - Forever as one (Infacted)
SHIV-R - Pharmaceutical grade (Infacted)
SHIV-R - Hollow mask (Infacted)
AIBOFORCEN - Crysis (Interface Mix) (Alfa Matrix)
MOTOR FT.MARTIN GORE - Man made machine (extended version) (CLR)