ASSEMBLAGE 23 – Contempt  

This debut album by Tom Sheer is one fucking brilliant work of art. Mixing a Covenant/VNV Nation/other sound, he creates an album, that in my mind, blows away the work of those other bands. Not content to stick with one sound, Assemblage 23 adds much needed originality into the Synthpop style. Anyone who likes VNV or Covenant should rush out right now and get hold of Contempt. It'll be well worth your while. But if a album like this can appeal to a Synthpop hater like me, then you should be able to tell, that their is something more here. Covenant fans will love Puratory (track 6), but really, this song is the weakest on the album. Tracks like Coward (track 3) and Skyquake (track 10) are where Assemblage 23 really shine. And with a remix by Pain Station, this album proves that it can go beyond the boring crap that most synthpop wallows in, and create a creative piece of work that can appeal to just about everyone, and still be amazing!


taken from Squiduary Webzine

review by: Squid

p+c 1999.
Label: Gashed!

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