AESMA DAEVA – here lies one whose name was written in water  

The debut album from John Prassas and company known for their work in 162, this is a new beginning so to speak..a very original sound, mixing operatic female vocals with powerful texts, with lush keyboards, strigs, paino and violins and other acoustic instruments. Sometimes a heavy guitar riff mixed with the orchestration and vocals so well, its amazing that it could be done like that. A very progressive sound for those who like stuff on DION FORTUNE, PROJEKT, and the COP INT'l-Diva X MaChina series. Where you canfind the 162 track "Darkness" which has 2 versions on here. Along with 10 other unique tracks...a new release on the Imported label ACCESSION RECORDS in GERMANY!


review by: Tommy T.

p+c 1999.
Label: Accession Records

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1999. Elektronski Zvuk