AUDIOMATIQUE – Vol. 1.0 (mixed by Martinez)  

Founded in 2004 by Steve Bug, the young label Audiomatique is proud to present it‘s first album: Audiomatique Volume 1.0. Founded initially as a side label to the seminal Poker Flat Recordings, and a medium to release music that neither fitted to Poker Flat or Dessous. Audiomatique was created as a playground for modern Techno- and House music in the broadest sense. Shortly after, the young imprint started to build its own signature sound. The first highlight on Audiomatique was the massive worldwide clubhit „Physical Fraction“ by Anders Trentemoller - the record that kicked it all off for the danish shooting star & which appears here in a special Martinez edit that isn‘t available elsewhere. Another strong clubhit was the Martinez‘ „Shadowboxing“ which comes with a brilliant Trentemoller remix. Further 12 inches featured great works by producers like Rob Acid, Jussi-Pekka, DK7‘s Mark O‘Sullivan, John Dahlbäck, Thomas Barnett and more. We are excited to present the first album on Audiomatique. Triple-O Martinez crafted an exciting turntable mix featuring the best Audiomatique tracks from Trentemoller, Rob Acid, Mark (O‘Sullivan, DK7) & John (Dahlback) & Jussi-Pekka as well as no less than six tracks which have been exclusively produced for this album by Martinez, Adultnapper, Alexi Delano & Fernando Gullon, Huggotron (aka John Dahlback) and newcomers Faktor-X and CDjjj. Starting with the bedazzled sitar sounds of Trentemoller‘s weird „Prana“ the mix gathers way with Adultnapper‘s „Choose“ and Rob Acid‘s killertune „Lidia“ leading to the first peak: „Physical Fraction“ before Robert Babicz (Robag Wruhme / Wighnomy remix!) and Jussi-Pekka throw in some heavy Acid-Techno. Further on Martinez, Alexi Delano / Fernando Gullon and John Dahlback‘s Huggotron lay out some sort of Future Techno: sometimes minimal, sometimes effusive, always dancable, funky and full of cool sounds, twists and turns. „Shadowboxing“ & „The Most Dangerous Animal In The Zoo“ complete the mix. Martinez‘ adventurous & fascinating mix is highly dynamic and beams you right into the middle of an advanced dancefloor. Martinez aka Martin Swanstein, born in Sweden, now living in Copenhagen recently gained a very good reputation with his own label „Out Of Orbit“ (Triple-O) and his releases on labels like Get Physical, Dessous and of course Audiomatique. The Mix-CD will be accompanied by the vinyl format which splits over two separate 12“es each incl. 3 of the 6 exclusive tracks, while the digital edition will include the full and unmixed versions of all 17 tracks (including the exclusive songs) and will be available from stores like itunes, beatport, and more.


review by: Superstition

p+c 2006.
Label: Audiomatique

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2006. Elektronski Zvuk