CARBON 12 – Very Harsh Frequencies  

Kick ass music for the 21st century from Steve Tushar! The best Crossover-industrial-cyber band we have heard in awhile... mixingintense rhythms and precise acid-elektro sequencing, with crunchy well placed guitars (not dominantinG!)...great songwriting and memorable tracks like abound. The vocals are more of a darker singing whisper, with theright amount of effect to keep the words understandable. Songs for the dance floor and for the LIVE arena's as well...keep your eyes on this band, as they could be the next big Crossover band, like RAZED IN BLACK's latesthas done.. for fans of 16 VOLT, RAZED IN BLACK, BIOPSY, FLA,NUMB, TERMINAL SECT. FEAR FACTORY, the good powerful cyber-industrial!


review by: Tommy T.

p+c 1999.
Label: Brain Surgery Music/ Sinewave

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1999. Elektronski Zvuk