CHICA DISCOS present – TRANQUILO - The winter island lounge mix by DJ Sin Plomo  

The cold season is that time of the year when after the stress of a grey day everybody is yearning for warmth and relaxation. The flat is becoming a hideaway from the hostile world and the mental movie projector creates pictures from warm and friendly refuges. Of course a pleasant ambience needs a pleasant soundtrack and this is what Sin Plomo delivers with his new album mix-concept: The Winter Island Lounge Mix. On "Tranquilo" Sin Plomo proves his fine sense for soulful music and creates a wonderful flow. In doing so he relies on an array of unreleased exclusive tracks by well reputed producers and remixers like Charles Webster, Nalin & Kane, Mambayaga (Jon sa Trinxa), DJ Fex, Grooveprofessor or Matthias Tanzmann, but also presents an array of talented newcomers, who partly recorded their songs on the magic island Ibiza. "Tranquilo - The Winter Island Lounge Mix by Sin Plomo" is a cultured, relaxing and inspiring mix that warms your heart not only on cold winterdays. In a mobile player it's also the perfect companion for promenading on the seaside in wintertime.


review by: Superstition

p+c 2006.
Label: Chica Discos

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2006. Elektronski Zvuk