CLEEN – The Voice  

This E.P. is great. If this is the way Cleen (or rather, Cleaner) is going, then I can't wait for the full length album. After listening to this E.P. several times, I thought I should go back and give Second Path another go. Not such a good idea. There is more of a techno sound here, but it totally workds, and its got a good beat to it. The Stomp Mix of Sunburst, gives that song the sound it really deserved. It was good, but now it is great. I wasn't sure about the idea of calling it a 'stomp' mix, however, until I realized that they don't mean 'stomp' in the traditional heavy industrial, 'stomping on someone's head' sense (ie. brutal and hostile), but rather, that sort of stomp that my mother used to complai about, when I was 'stomping around the house' (ie walking quickly around the house with boots on). And strangely enough, the Wumpscut mix doesn't even bug me. The reason is that I feel that dispite there only being three different songs on this six track disc, they are different enough, and that even the wumpscut mix (which isn't really good) gives you a different view. I didn't say I liked the Wumpscut mix, just that it didn't bug me. This CD will help appease the Haujobb fans that hated Ninetynine. Definitely worth the price.


taken from Squiduary Webzine

review by: Squid

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Label: Metropolis

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