DAYS OF FATE – Traffic  

Three years DAYS OF FATE work on their newest release 'Traffic'. The album shows in an impressive way what the band members mean when they talk of perfection. As usual DAYS OF FATE merge synthetic sounds with elements of rock and powerful beats with catching melodies. And again they manage the tightrope walk between Indie and Pop, between Electro and Rock, what the press already called a 'new definition of SynthPop' while speaking of the last album. But maybe DAYS OF FATE finally have pitchforked themselves out of this genre. Well, we dont know. Traffic in itself is style-merging, melancholic, emotional, powerful. Exactly how DAYS OF FATE imagine music should be. Also Absurd Minds left their marks on the album. Their singer Stefan Gro▀mann did not only the whole booklet art work but also inspires in a duet with DAYS OF FATE singer Torsten K. on the song 'Rising Again'. There is told enough! Draw the courtain to reveal the new work of DAYS OF FATE!


review by: Dof

p+c 2007.
Label: NEO-Sony

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2007. Elektronski Zvuk