Bio-Vital is a great album. It's also an album that grew on me the more I listened to it. At first I thought it was merely good, but the second time I listened to it, my eyes opened, and the third and four times were even better. Then let's talk about how it sounds at the club, which is, also great. Pounding beats and distorted vocals mixed with melodic sounds and well placed samples make this one of the best albums I've heard in a while. Of course, I love gothic Industrial (or dark electro, or darkwave, or whatever you want to call it). Everything is done right. They've managed to capture an evil sound without having it sound like they're trying to hard. Having said that, the only flaw in it is that the vocals don't vary enough for me, but that actually doesn't bother me, since they are placed within the music (not over top, where they would sound too loud), and that they also suit the music so wonderfully, and they samples are placed in a way that give a little variation as a bonus. And while we are speaking of Bonus, Decoded Feedback is based in Toronto. Now if only we could get them to do more live shows. Every song on the album is wonderful. It's pointless trying to describe them. I wouldn't do them justice, and besides, you really should go out and just purchase this cd and listen to them yourself.


taken from Squiduary Webzine

review by: Squid

p+c 1998.
Label: Metropolis

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