EVOLution is seperated into three parts, D.N.A., Genetically Altered, and Cloned. Or to put it another way, New Material, older material that is remixed, and a cover version of an old song. It's a nice little idea and it works well, with the exception of the cover. But the flaw in the cover is entirely the fault of the artist picked to do a cover. Frozen Autumn just doesn't do it for me, but maybe that's just me. I shouldn't condemn them, if this gothic ethereal male vocals were my thing than maybe I'd actually enjoy it. EVOLution is a great Dance Club friendly CD. The new mixes (such as the one by Funker Vogt) aren't impressive, and don't do anything too creative, but I don't think that was the point. They do work in turning tracks from Bi-Vital into even more dancable songs. The result is something quite enjoyable. Decoded Feedback have gone in a more Covenant style direction on this, which should appeal to a lot of people, and will hopefully get them more club play. It's almost synth pop, but has just enough Industrial edge to it to keep me interested. And as I loved Bio-Vital, these remixes add just enough to the old songs to give me a slightly new listen.


taken from Squiduary Webzine

review by: Squid

p+c 1999.
Label: Metropolis

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