FLESH FIELD – Viral extinction  

FLESH FIELD are a fresh new band out of Columbus, Ohio, USA and we are extremely happy to have signed them to our label. Comprised of two key members - Ian Ross & Rian Miller - we are delivered an onslaught of Elektro and EBM anarchy very similar to the styles of Wumpscut, Leaetherstrip, Die Form, and Sabotage, but with a definite unique style unto themselves. These odd comparisons come from the fact that we have both harsh male vox from Ian while Rian delivers the powerful femme fatal elements needed to set this group apart from so many others currently out there. A nice change for the rather repetitive and male dominated scene these days. You have never heard such a wonderful hybrid of styles until you hear FLESH FIELD perform their amazing artistry!! Experience this melodic assault of the senses now !!


review by: Switch

p+c 1999.
Label: Inception Records

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2000. Elektronski Zvuk