FLESH FIELD – Redemption E.P.  

Just one year shy of their debut release, FLESH FIELD return with terrific force - poised to once again take control of the current underground scene. Due to the overwhelming response "Viral Extinction" received, and is continuing to receive, it only made sense to offer the fans a new release to tide them over until the follow-up album is set to go. "Redemption" is not your typical EP. Not only does it contain 4 brand new tracks, it also boasts 9 remixes of "Viral Extinction" material by some of the industries biggest & most respected talents. These names include Covenant, Gridlock, Pain Station, Aghast View, Railgun, Sabotage, Dubok, Negative Format and Arzt+Pfusch. Not often does a newcomer generate such massive response, nor get placed among some of the industries elite in such a short period of time, and this EP is only the first step in making that known to the masses. The new material found on the "Redemption EP" not only showcases FLESH FIELD's departure from their album sound, but also displays a clear sense of progression & maturity in songwriting and structure abilities. While maintaining their signature style of clubfloor smashing material, they have also advanced to a level that will no longer just contain them within the underground market. However, it goes without saying that's where their roots are firmly planted. The new tracks are also a vivid indication of FF's own style & sound. No longer will they be compared to groups of days past & present, but in turn become the basis of comparison to new & upcoming groups of the future. The remixes provide a wide range of musical diversity, and will undoubtedly appeal to many different genres - as any good remix should do. Each contributing artist insert their personal flavours to their interpretations, while not taking away from the FF sound. We are treated to elements of Techno, Power Noise, Drum'n'Bass, Synth Pop, and of course straight ahead EBM & Elektro. As "Viral Extinction" proved, DJ's will have their hands full once again trying to pick just one track to rip apart their dancefloors with.


review by: Inception

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Label: Inception

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