GOD MODULE – Artifical  

The anticipation has been high, and extremely justified. Enter GOD MODULE in full force - Inception's newest discovery, and the scene's newest answer to innovative & progressive Elektro. GOD MODULE are the much talked about Florida duo currently making serious waves within the underground scene, and slated as one of the most awaited debuts in 2000. Comprised of two key members - Jasyn Bangert and Andrew Ramirez - we are again shown why North American groups are quickly rising to the top of the Elektro community with such force. They manage to provide the perfect blend of hard, bass heavy Elektro & driving EBM, utilizing the best elements of both genres in perfect conjunction. Strong elements of Synth Pop can also be heard within the instrumentation, adding a pleasent dichotomy when compared to the distant & harsh vocal styles supplied. While they hold their own unique sound & style, fans of groups such as Individual Totem, Evil's Toy, and even X-Marks The Pedwalk will quickly identify with their sound. Powerful vocals, intelligent lyrics & club driven beats make up the bulk of these soon-to-be dancefloor icons. Their bass heavy approach will be a nice change to DJ's not used to adjusting their equalizers, and to supporters of the industry that need to literally feel the bass running through them. GOD MODULE are sure to pack clubfloors instantly & impress the masses more than they can be prepared for! This is already being showcased with the material they currently have in regular rotation both on these shores and overseas thanx to two top-notch compilation appearences. Top that with regular live shows on the east coast, and it's easy to see why the hype behind GM is continuously increasing. "Artifcial" is sure to become an industry standard in virtually no time, and the 14 tracks found within it will prove this point ten fold.


review by: Inception

p+c 2000.
Label: Inception

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2000. Elektronski Zvuk