HAUJOBB – Ninetynine  

I've heard a lot of people don't like this CD. I can maybe understand. It's not like anything else in the genre. I, however, like it a lot. It's really good. Of course, all Haujobb's music is quite exceptional. They've decided to go in a somewhat crazy direction, however. Crazy in that it's not the boring syth-pop direction that a lot of bands are going. Instead, they've created a very minimalistic textured work. This is music that you could put on to fall asleep to, especially if you want to have some wacky dreams. In fact, it almost sounds like it's coming from a dreamworld. If you don't like experimental works, then you'll hate this album. But on the other hand, if you like somewhat wacky, light IDM, then this is great. I enjoy the reappearance of Venessa Briggs (who does the vocals on Less), although the versions of Less on the single are much superiour (but that's good as well, makes buying the single worth it), the other songs she does here are great. It'll be interesting to see where Haujobb go from here.


taken from Squiduary Webzine

review by: Squid

p+c 1999.
Label: Metropolis

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